Attack Ship Perfect Agent 2:59 by Will X.

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  • Achieved: 5 November 2023
  • Posted: 5 November 2023 at 1:58 am EDT
  • System: NTSC
  • Points when achieved: Untied World Record when set!
  • Rank: 1st (100 points)

Player's comments:
You and me
We're in this together now
None of them can stop us now
We will make it through somehow
You and me
If the world should break in two
Until the very end of me
Until the very end of you

You and me
Even after everything
You're the queen and I'm the king
Nothing else means anything


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Will X.'s time history for Attack Ship Perfect Agent

Date Achieved Time Proof System
5 November 2023 Video NTSC
30 June 2023 Video NTSC
29 June 2023 Video NTSC
28 June 2023 Video NTSC
12 January 2021 Video PAL
11 January 2021 Video PAL
14 December 2020 Video NTSC
12 December 2020 Video NTSC
9 December 2020 Video NTSC
9 June 2020 Video NTSC
4 June 2020 Video NTSC
3 June 2020 Video NTSC

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