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Joined Elite: 4/28/17

I first played GoldenEye with my cousins back in 1999,2000 when I was like 5,6 years old. Through the years of 2000-2017 I had about 2-3 n64s. When I was growing up I had the PS1 as my first console back in 1999, then later got a PS2 couple years later. Then started playing this game called runescape on the computer back in 2004,2005. Around that time I had an original xbox as well. The only reason I got the xbox was for a game called halo. Around 2007 I finally got online setup with my xbox360 and started playing halo 3 multiplayer online. Through the years of 2007-2017 I played alot of call of duty, halo, and runescape. I have had a couple max prestiges on call of duty and halo I have had 7-8 50's in halo3/MCC included, highest apex rank I got was diamond.

I like to use keyboard style with 1.2 when I'm playing GoldenEye. I also use 2.2 and 2.4 with two controllers on certain levels. I dont really have a favorite level in GoldenEye. My favorite GoldenEye audio is the main menu music if I had to choose.

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Zach Mulac uses the 1.2 control style.

Zach Mulac uses an NTSC console.

Zach Mulac's country: United States of America.

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29 April 2017.

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29 April 2017.

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