Runway Agent 0:22 by Erik Stagg

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  • Achieved: 20 June 2021
  • Posted: 20 June 2021 at 3:11 am EDT
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Points when achieved: 95
  • Rank: 3rd (95 points)

Player's comments:
Only took me 18 hours to figure out how to throw the damn hut nade. Didnt think I had enough good boosts to make it happen. Thanks to everyone that gave me advice and support on the journey and to Mitch Hedberg, rest his soul, for giving me some much needed laughs and keep the grind alive.

Erik Stagg's time history for Runway Agent

Date Achieved Time Proof System
20 June 2021 Video NTSC-J
17 January 2021 Video NTSC
29 December 2020 Video NTSC
28 December 2020 NTSC

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