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I'm 28 years old and I'm from San Jose, Costa Rica. I like Zelda games, mario kart games (all of 'em, I'm always in for a good race :) ), pokemon games, and I also like sports, specially swimming. And, obviously, I utterly like Goldeneye 007.

I've played Goldeneye 007 since I first got the game back in 1999. Back then, I recall playing the game casually along with my dad and my little brother (mostly multiplayer, where I always ended up kicking their butts), and it was one of my favourite games (still is)

Some few years ago I got serious about beating the game completely (both all difficulty levels and cheats), and I managed (not to say struggling, sometimes). Some 00 levels took me lots of attempts and quite a lot of effort and strategy, though, specially train, control, caverns and aztec, which are the hardest in my opinion. Some cheats such as facility's and archive's were pretty crazy to achieve as well, and by the time I'd got them, it actually felt awesome and I also considered myself quite skilled (although I'm still several million light-years away from some of the best players here, of course, but some people out there did never beat the game, not even the harder 00 levels, actually, so that's something I guess)

A few weeks ago I dusted off some N64 GE action. Just then I found this website and got all excited about watching world-record-run videos. I'm glad I still have the "skill" needed to beat the game once again, and it's nice I can still kick some guard's butt despite the lack of practice :P (they get their sweet, bloody revenge sometimes, though :'( )

I've never tried a speed run of the game (I mean, a single segment with any given difficulty setting), but I would certainly like to try. Also, I haven't tried LTK and DLTK challenges seriously because I'm still kind of a newbie (I recall once trying the same LTK settings in Dam without even knowing the challenge actually existed, and I couldn't even make it past the first guard; certainly not proud of it, but it's a fun memory at least :P). I might be in for LTK in some of the easier levels first after some practice, and then see what happens. DLTK is yet way beyond all bounds for me, actually I still find it stunningly amazing how some people have achieved this level of perfection while playing the game. Some of you guys are true masters, such as the fellow who beat Silo DLTK. I saw the whole video without even blinking, honestly!. I've also watched some other record videos posted here, and I truly admire such astonishing, god-like level of skill.

I got my hands on a NSTC Perfect Dark cartridge recently, which I haven't played much out of the casual multiplayer match. I guess it hasn't grown on me as much as GE had, specially due to PD having sudden frame rate drops sometimes (and yes, the expansion pack won't help here). In my own personal opinion, Goldeneye 007 is and will be by far the best first person shooter of them all. I'm looking forward to its re-release, either as a virtual console on Nintendo systems or as a true remake on microsoft's xbox (I know about the rareware legal-issues-involved stuff, so who knows...)

Some of the best times I got in Goldeneye 007 that I remember (both NSTC console and cartridge):
Egypt 00 Agent in 2:00
Archives 00 Agent in 1:14
Facility 00 Agent in 1:57

Sadly, I don't have vids of those because I made them so long ago (I guess recording video game runs wasn't in back then, or, at least, wasn't easy to accomplish), but I'll try to beat them again as soon as I get some spare time and record them, hopefully with better times than the ones above. I know I still have a long way to go into speedrunning, but I think I can improve my GE skills :)

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jazc007's real name is Javier Zerpa.

jazc007 is currently 37 years old.

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