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Hey all,

Long time lurker and follower of GE here to give it a shot. I've always wanted to try it out but never convinced myself to take the plunge until now - July 9 2019

Between the GE streams I've followed (Shoutouts to HenryZ + Irie) and the friendly community putting out tutorials while overall being a helpful bunch I have a feeling it's gonna be a fun time.

I'm not 100% sure how much time I would have to play but I hope I can put some decent times on the board anyway.

I use s-video through a Retrotink-2X plus an Elgato HD60S for my capture setup and play on a fast response time monitor rather than a traditional CRT.

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r0ugar's real name is Rob G..

r0ugar uses the 1.2 control style.

r0ugar uses an NTSC console.

r0ugar's country: United States.

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