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From the middle of a small town in Manitoba, Canada. I'm very new to speedrunning Goldeneye (about 2 months in), however I have been playing both Perfect Dark and Goldeneye-007 casually for years. I still use 1.1 exclusively. I also stream N64 and PS1 stuff on twitch, including some of the stuff I like speedrunning at the moment. For Goldeneye I'm currently doing Facility 00-Agent PB attempts, currently at 1:25. Otherwise speedrunning wise, I have been grinding out Diddy Kong Racing Time Trials on Ancient Lake. My current PB is 00:45:88.

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s1erra420's real name is Aaron Pirt.

s1erra420 is currently 27 years old.

s1erra420 uses the 1.1 control style.

s1erra420 uses an NTSC console.

s1erra420's country: Canada.

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