Runway LTK 0:42 by Adam Bozon

  • Achieved: 29 September 2018
  • System: PAL
  • Rank: 2nd (97 points)

Very good run apart from the guard lure failing so I was late shooting the first drone gun.

This is an absolutely brutal level to speedrun requiring a lot of patience so it's good to finally get my target time on it, over eight years after my first attempts at getting 0:42 ended because it was too frustrating to play and I haven't felt like playing it since.

I had three completed 0:43s, eight failed 0:42s and six good runs where I died next to the plane when all the other objectives had completed that might have been 0:42 pace before I got this completion.

Mod edit: Time claimed to be achieved Sept 28 2018 but lacks proof of date.

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