Frigate Dark LTK 1:46 by Bryan B.

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  • Achieved: 4 November 2018
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank: 2nd (97 points)

New strat at the start where you shoot 5 PP7 shots to lure the nade guard quicker. With a fast kill, you also never need to worry about the beginning guard being a problem around the bug throw. Ammo is tighter for the early part of the level, but I got a lot more runs to the boat once I built consistency with it. Only real major mistake was the first agent hostage taker took a bit to take down from the flame.

Bryan B.'s time history for Frigate DLTK

Date Achieved Time Video System
4 November 2018 Video NTSC-J
6 October 2012 Video NTSC
3 October 2012 None NTSC

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