GoldenEye 100% 58:39 by Rayan I.

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 12 May 2018
  • System: NTSC-J

Here are the details of the run:

Dam 2:02 - Quite good with the BA (body armor) strat (2:01-2:04 is normal). With no BA you can get around 1:59 on very good runs, but obviously you need to rely heavily on good basement luck for both a good ratio and surviving. Satisfied with this one.

Facility 1:00 - It's normal to get around 0:56-0:58 here because I only check for Doak in the labs, so this is still below average. Of course because Doak is quite rare it's not too bad.

Runway 0:47 - I missed a shot on the 2nd last drone so I had to shoot it again after the last one. Normal is 0:44-0:48 so this is alright. Not much can go wrong here, really.

Surface 1 1:52 - Standard for me. Just a clean run going behind the hut with no (or 1) GL boosts with a safe GL pickup.

Bunker 1 1:14 - Really nice. 1:13 is about as good as this level can get really.

Silo 1:39 - Troll but anything under 1:40 is acceptable. 1:36 or under is very good. Usually lose time on dumb guard stucks, ridiculous hits, etc.

Frigate 1:16 - Insane hostage luck! I think A completed at 1:14 pace. Normal here is around 1:20-1:23, so I gained at least 4 seconds.

Surface 2 1:52 - Bad. I think I lost time on the hut guard kill and 2nd camera. Probably worth doing the WR mine throw from now on cause it's an easy 3s gain or so.

Bunker 2 1:10 - I use the clipboard lure strat so this is bad. It would have been a low 1:0x time but I got trolled badly at the last camera.

Statue 2:23 - Good Trev recovery and IL WR FR spot.

Archives 0:56 - Good considering dumb things can happen on this level during RTA runs. I think I ALMOST failed Mishkin because a guard shot me into Mishkin while I was trying to slap him.

Streets 1:59 - Normal. I almost died in the beginning (was down to 1 bar before I got the BA just after the first barricade). 7:9 ratio or something.

Depot 1:08 - Very nice. I decided to go the no BA + take out the drone route to avoid mayhem in the MF room. Usually works. 1:10 is normal here.

Train 2:27 - Standard here is around 2:20-2:30, usually on the upper end. Not much to say other than a normal run (safe first 2 cars and running the remaining rooms).

Jungle 1:19 - I was actually amazed this was 1:19 because I thought it was good. Guess I didn't remember how the run went. Low 1:1x is normal so it's about a 5s loss.

Control 4:32 - Awful first drone even though my aim was on the dot! I guess my dot was terrible or something. I got hit twice right there and I was forced to get the BA. At least 10s lost overall.

Caverns 1:46 - Nice! I decided to use a timed mine for the first scientist (which is risky because he can die 50% of the time) but the Spec shot in the radio room saved me. This level *should* be consistent with this strategy.

Cradle 0:55 - Trev took a few extra seconds for suicide, but I'll take it. Could have been worse.

Aztec 2:08 - The new RTA strat is awesome! Marc's nade trick to take out the exhaust bay guards is epic, too. Nerves really start to skyrocket at this point in the run because of how intense it is (will the glass open, do you have a nade to take out the exhaust bay guards smoothly, will you live the ending, etc). Very good run.

Egypt 0:52 - I think this is my best time in an RTA run (for the very few times I've made it to Egypt..). Normal is 0:55-1:00, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Jungle A 0:57 - OK for the pressure.

Aztec SA 1:54 - Not as intense as 00 Agent because living is much easier, so if you get the glass open you're pretty much good to go. Low 150s is normal here.

Cradle Agent 0:41 - Anything is good here as long as Trev dies down the ramp instead of running to the exit.

Control SA 4:43 -The worst time of the entire run by far, which mostly can be imputed to a slow Nat leave (the super slow one costing about 20s). Start somewhat sucked too, but at least I skipped the BA. I wasn't really focused. 20-25s lost right here..

Streets A 1:17 - I got trolled super badly with ridiculous hits, but it's only a second or two gone. OK.

Depot SA 0:55 - Good run up to the safe.. I hit B on the safe twice for some reason (wasn't that nervous) so it closed before I got the blueprints. Lost a few seconds here. A little bad.

Statue SA 2:23 - Really good! Risked the TS and got the IL WR FR. Pretty much a replica of my 00A run.

B2 A 0:30 - Decent.

S1 SA 1:57 - Awful. I got trolled during the stretch to the first hut because a Windows update message appeared, so I got distracted. First hut was bad, bad GL shot at the end so I had to take out a lock.

Runway A 0:23 - The plane didn't blow up. :kappa:

Frigate SA 1:18 - Pretty good hostage luck!

Silo A 1:11 - Good for the pressure.

Dam SA 1:22 - Missed a bullet or two on the first alarm, which was frustrating but only lost about 2s.

Overall a decent run, but around 30-40s more can be improved, mainly on the cheats.