GoldenEye All 60 2:07:45 by Josh Thomson

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 21 November 2020
  • System: NTSC-J

00A - 52:36
100% - 1:18:25
All 60 - 2:07:45

The 00A part of the run was fairly smooth until Jungle where I took a death. Caverns was a pain to get a run going, and Trev decided not to die when he dropped a nade on Cradle. I didn't get a 00A PB this run.

The 100% started terribly, with a missed drone on Jungle. I only just about managed to survive Control SA, and Silo could have been better. Most of the 100% section was fairly decent though, and I PB'd by 1 min and 20 seconds.

The final segment of the run started amazingly - a really good Doak on Fac SA saved me a minute and a half from my previous PB (where I got the worst possible Doak spot). Cavs SA took me a while to get a run going, which cost me nearly three minutes. I had to redo Train SA due to killing Nat due to nerves, and I played Aztec A super safe. I'm fairly happy with the rest of the run, asides from Streets SA where I took a rocket to the face and died lol.

Very pleased with a 4:42 PB, but I still wanna keep the grind going for a no-death, no-fail run