GoldenEye 100% 1:12:56 by Josh Thomson

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 18 December 2020
  • System: NTSC-J

I managed three PBs with this run:

00A - 46:48
100% - 1:12:56
All 60 - 1:58:45

The 00A part started as well as I could have hoped (I got past Silo first try, yay). Frigate was horrible where I lost 30 seconds, then a good Train and Jungle put me ahead. Control went disgusting - I missed the final mine throw and had to farm a nade which cost me a minute. Amazing Cavs, Amazing Aztec - I got a 00A PB by 41 seconds.

Aztec SA was the first (and only) death of the run, costing me 2 mins. I went Body Armourless on Control SA and pulled back a bit of time, but had a brain fart and forgot about one of the mainframes lol (lost about 30 seconds). The rest of the 100% segment went well and I PB'd by 50 seconds.

The start of the final segment started horribly - I got the worst Doak spot on Fac SA which cost me 1 min and 45 seconds. Control Agent wasn't great. Cavs SA was horrible - D failed and was the second time (and final time) that I had to restart a level. Really good Train SA, really good Aztec Agent - the rest of the run was fine. I got an All 60 PB by 9 mins exactly.

Control 00A, Aztec SA, Facility SA and Cavs SA is where my times save is - I'm gonna keep pushing for lower. If I can manage a sub 1:55 that will put me 3rd place, which is my goal.