GoldenEye 100% 1:08:15 by Samuel Scholten

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 14 January 2020
  • Posted: 14 January 2020 at 12:00 am EST
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank when achieved: Unknown
  • Rank: 9

Player's comments:
Dam - 2:15 - Very bad run, worst Dam in a very long time
Facility - 1:17 - Decent considering worst doak
Runway - 0:46 - Standard (bad)
Surface 1 - 1:56 - Standard
Bunker 1 - 1:35 - Chaotic shitshow start, bad end
Silo - 1:55 - Great, very pleased
Frigate - 1:43 - Fine execution, horrible hostage luck
Surface 2 - 2:02 - Disgraceful run, absolute dogshit. My worst performance throughout the entire run
Bunker 2 - 1:31 - Bad cinema cost a bit, otherwise fantastic
Statue - 2:32 - Horrible all around
Archives - 1:14 - Delayed Mishkin speech due to 4 guards coming to visit, guard stuck at the start, just really really bad
Streets - 2:00 - Shithouse but standard
Depot - 1:24 - Standardish, no TS
Train - 3:01 - Completed so whatever
Jungle - 1:33 - GOLD. Troll Xenia
Control - 4:26 - GOLD. No BA, no resets
Caverns - 3:22 - GOLD. Yolo start, super clean exactly as you'd want it. Nerves got the best of me and I wasn't sure if I got the keycard at B so I spent time checking which caused me to have to go the back way to C. Still an amazing time save
Cradle - 1:53 - Trolled fucking HARD. Nade went off, but Trev did not. Had to chase him around, we ended back up at the catwalks for a hot second there
Aztec - 2:59 - Standard, despite almost passing away in the big room
Egypt - 1:11 - Trolled at every turn

00 Time: 44:06

Looking at the mistakes and trolls in this run, I feel there's a clear 2:20 of time to be saved on a very very clean run, meaning I could theoretically get a comfortable 41:5X, but it would likely be a huge grind, one I don't intend to pursue at this time.

Aztec SA - 2:32 - GOLD. Standard
Jungle A - 1:19 - Insanely bad run all round, Xenia particularly bad but the first 4 drones were also a disaster
Cradle A - 0:54 - Failed the early kill, had to fight on the platform
Control SA - 4:31 - GOLD. No BA, no resets, but the protect was a chaotic shitshow and I was very very very lucky to not die in this run. Thank god. Standard pace
Streets A - 1:16 - GOLD. Standard
Depot SA - 0:59 - GOLD. Train Shot. Standard
Statue SA - 2:31 - Good FR, no trev shot due to nerves, the pace being too good to throw away and concerns about getting trolled by a nearby guard. Standard
Bunker 2 A - 0:32 - GOLD. Bad. Standard for me though
Surface 1 SA - 1:55 - Standard
Runway A - 0:25 - Suddenly got scared of the plane blowing up which appears to happen to me at 500% more often than the elite average, so I didn't self boost because of some Berg myth that may or may not have just been a figment of my imagination. Who knows. Whatever, terrible
Frigate SA - 1:33 - Standard
Silo A - 1:18 - Standard, almost had a scientist fail due a nade pull
Dam SA - 1:27 - GOLD. Scuffed the last alarm because I did it goofy because I knew the run was a low 1:08 with a perfect alarm so scuffing it doing something silly to end the run wouldn't make a huge difference. I either split late or early, can't remember how it works

From my review, there's about 25 second of obvious time lost in the cheats part of this run, for a combined Obvious Time Loss (OTL) of 2:45 for the run, meaning a theoretical very clean run without any OTL for me would be a ~1:05:30. I have no plans or intentions to revisit this category any time soon.

Run was 7th place when achieved.