GoldenEye Secret Agent 31:44 by Josh Schwarz

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 20 April 2023
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Player's comments:
    Not bad for first day back! Lots of room for improvement so 30:xx is looking pretty keen.

    1:22 ok
    1:06 good
    0:31 safe
    1:52 decent
    0:34 bad
    1:34 bad
    1:20 decent, hostages completed before bridge room lol
    1:06 bad, lost time because I was aiming in the slightly wrong place
    1:16 attempted to use a new strat that me and Clemens just came up with using the warp, unfortunately I lost ~20 seconds because I choked the warp and also forgot I got bad cinema
    2:26 missed trev shot but best FR
    0:58 standard
    1:58 standard
    0:55 missed safe B press
    1:43 good for me but definitely want to pace mid 1:3x consistently
    1:13 solid
    4:23 decent
    1:43 lost time blowing up C area but otherwise good for this strat
    0:48 perfection
    1:53 good, blew up drone to play it safe

Josh Schwarz's time history for GoldenEye Secret Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
20 April 2023 Video NTSC-J
15 April 2021 Video NTSC-J
14 April 2021 Video NTSC-J
13 April 2021 Video NTSC