Perfect Dark Agent 31:50 by speedruntrainer

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 9 October 2014
  • System: PAL

Defection: Solid, insta-elevator.
Investigation: No laser Skip. Guard trolled me on the uplink part and got stuck on him after.
Extraction: Normal.
Villa: Bad ending.
Chicago: Really good.
G5 Building: 2nd room could've been better but pretty decent overall.
Infiltration: Not instant button.
Rescue: Not the best lab clothes but ok.
Escape: Troll Elvis.
Air Base: I think I fell off the stairs at the last set because of a backboost, not sure if it was in this run.
Air Force One: Pres could've been slightly faster, but it was ok.
Crash Site: Great!
Pelagic II: Don't know the best strat for the pilots, did that kinda safe.
Deep Sea: 1:30 Elvis... Very slow glitch, kinda choked it away The run was sloppy overall.
Carrington Institute: Awesome!
Attack Ship: Did it kinda safe killing the Skedar that's close to the elevator. Slow Elvis and did objective 2 safe.
Skedar Ruins: Worst pillars ever and bad ending.