Aztec 00 Agent 3:36 by Cal Brabham

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  • Achieved: 8 July 2019
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank: N/A - Cal Brabham has improved this time
  • Player's comments:
    Knew this wasn't going to be worth points, so played it out super slow for a completion.
    Second room was Aztec in a nutshell.

    This brings me under 46m 00A time, and under 1hr43 total time
    Passed Justin Thomas and Aaron Scott in time ranks to 161st

Cal Brabham's time history for Aztec 00 Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
21 July 2021 Video NTSC-J
26 June 2021 Video NTSC-J
17 October 2019 Video NTSC-J
14 July 2019 Video NTSC-J
8 July 2019 Video NTSC-J
1 April 2019 Video NTSC-J
29 December 2018 Video NTSC-J

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