All videos for Aztec - 00 Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Aztec on the 00 Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:33/100Video 27 May 2022 NTSC-J Ryan White Time was untied when set.
1:34/100Video 30 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Gus Riolo Raw:
1:34/100Video 20 May 2022 NTSC-J Ryan White They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for.
1:35/100Video 10 Sep 2017 NTSC-J Luke Szklarz Kapap 3
1:35/100Video 4 Jul 2021 NTSC-J David Clemens Luke,
1:35/100Video 6 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Ryan White Wow lads, we truly did it. Aztec 00 Agent 1:35. The first time I've ever held a world record on
1:36/97Video 18 Nov 2017 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho
1:36Video 28 Jun 2021 NTSC-J David Clemens Before 1:35, will make vid.
1:36/97Video 30 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:36/94Video 7 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Josh Schwarz Back into Aztec retirement I go. I actually can't believe I survived. Quick Will bop achieved. #G
1:36/94Video 13 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Ilari Pekkala
1:37/100Video 4 Nov 2015 NTSC-J David Clemens Inching closer to that sub 1:12 total time
1:37/100Video 25 Aug 2016 NTSC-J Rayan I. music video:
1:37/95Video 21 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:37/95Video 30 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Ryan White Happy to get this latest PR. I truly believed this was 1:38. I had a nice 34 pause after glass lur
1:37/90Video 14 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Eise S.
1:37/90Video 22 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Will Xelever of course, no cultivation is complete without embracing traditional chinese medicine
1:38/95Video 26 Aug 2016 NTSC-J Eise S.
1:38/93Video 31 Mar 2019 NTSC-J Hayden King [k4]
1:38/93Video 22 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Irie Butler to catch a PB Horrible vents but proud of the rest of run and final time
1:38/93Video 5 Mar 2021 NTSC-J Charlie Yeudall achieved while listening to 4 men scream like apes about creepypastas
1:38/93Video 25 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Ryan White Really good run using the Forced Mainframe Stuck strategy (FMS). I think for lower, I'm gonna have
1:39/100Video 4 Jul 2013 NTSC-J Rayan I. happy independence day~
1:39/100Video 25 May 2015 NTSC-J Marc Rützou
1:39/100Video 3 Nov 2015 PAL Daniel Coelho fuuuckkk going to keep going
1:39/91Video 12 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Charlie Yeudall [k4]
1:39/90Video 10 May 2020 NTSC-J Colton Hinkle THE COMPLETION I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Finally, what a level
1:40/100Video 8 Mar 2008 PAL Rayan I.
1:40/100Video 25 Oct 2009 NTSC David Clemens
1:40/100Video 12 Nov 2012 NTSC-J Marc Rützou
1:40/91Video 2 Jun 2018 NTSC-J Bryan B. This strat is so OP in terms of getting runs to the end. I was like whatever with the run after mass
1:40/91Video 10 Aug 2018 PAL Henrik Norgren
1:41/97Video 20 Oct 2009 NTSC David Clemens
1:41/95Video 4 Nov 2012 NTSC Marc Rützou NTSC
1:41/92Video 9 Oct 2017 PAL Adam Bozon
1:41/90Video 7 Aug 2018 NTSC Henrik Norgren Very nice ending.
1:41/89Video 14 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Irie Butler nade and mainframe strat Dedicated to Wodahs, thanks for the big room tip
1:42/97Video 11 Mar 2008 NTSC David Clemens
1:42/92Video 1 Sep 2017 PAL Adam Bozon The first half of the run went very well but I lost some time on the second half of the level.
1:42/90Video 17 Feb 2018 NTSC-J Jonathan H. achieved on $20 speedrunning setup
1:42/90Video 26 May 2018 NTSC-J Dan Parker
1:42/89Video 4 Aug 2018 PAL Henrik Norgren
1:43/100Video 26 Jan 2008 NTSC David Clemens
1:43/100Video 27 Jan 2008 NTSC Bryan B. Video is original using VCR.
1:43/95Video 3 Sep 2009 PAL Marc Rützou
1:43/94Video 11 Apr 2015 NTSC-J Luke Szklarz kapap
1:43/92Video 18 Aug 2017 PAL Adam Bozon Very good run. I also duped it 15 minutes after this run. I used the new slower Henrik glass stra
1:44/100Video 29 Sep 2007 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:44/93Video 26 Oct 2012 NTSC-J Ryan White sexy as a betch
1:44/91Video 10 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Justin St-Pierre Yesss!!! Slow glass strat
1:44/90Video 10 Jun 2016 NTSC-J Dan Parker
1:44/87Video 14 May 2018 NTSC-J Charlie Yeudall I like this strat ^_^ Raw:
1:45/100Video 25 May 2007 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:45/95Video 23 Jan 2008 NTSC Bryan B.
1:45/91Video 17 Feb 2014 PAL Eise S.
1:45/91Video 1 May 2014 NTSC-J Karl Jobst
1:45/86Video 13 Aug 2017 PAL Adam Bozon Good run apart from some bad boosts in the exhaust bay. I used the new slower Henrik glass strat
1:46/91Video 15 Nov 2013 PAL Luke Szklarz
1:46/80Video 23 May 2018 NTSC-J Adam V. Casual playthrough. This is definitely the best time on my times page at the moment. Totally thou
1:46/77Video 24 Jul 2018 NTSC-J Chris Leon dedicated to Flechr
1:46/76Video 18 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Timmy Johansson
1:46/71Video 31 May 2019 NTSC-J Axel Zakrisson 00 Agent total time: 30:00 Tied Henrik and Shawn in total time (1:16:10, 25th). 42 minute sess
1:47/100Video 9 Nov 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:47Video 23 Sep 2007 NTSC Bryan B.
1:47/85Video 5 Aug 2017 PAL Henrik Norgren
1:47/82Video 20 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:47/69Video 29 May 2019 NTSC-J Axel Zakrisson First PR in 2019. 2 hours session.
1:48/90Video 27 Oct 2012 NTSC Jimmy Bauer
1:48/85Video 6 Jul 2017 PAL Axel Zakrisson Conservative start. This time improves my old 2008 PR. If I ever go for lower I will use the faster
1:48/84Video 7 Aug 2017 NTSC-J Jonathan H. landed a perfect jimbop, sorry mate! project sakuya 1 of 3
1:48/82Video 17 Dec 2017 NTSC-J Eric Liikala 15 minutes to get this! Amazing strategy!
1:48/73Video 26 Jul 2018 NTSC-J Joris Quevedo
1:49/100Video 20 Mar 2006 NTSC Ilari Pekkala Edit: Changed system to NTSC, only one of my aztec WRs that I set on NTSC. I was curious to try NTSC
1:49Video 22 Mar 2008 NTSC Dan Cervone
1:49Video 18 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson This time has stood up pretty well compared to my other 2008-2009 PRs. Worth 92 points when achieved
1:49/91Video 28 Aug 2012 NTSC-J Ryan K. Probably one of my best times when I got it.
1:49/89Video 21 Apr 2013 NTSC-J Jim Barrett
1:50/100Video 19 Mar 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:50Video 13 Jan 2012 NTSC-J Shawn Johnson In the black room was nasty, and I could take another 3-4 seconds off, but the overall stupidness of
1:50/85Video 30 Nov 2013 NTSC-J Eise S.
1:50/83Video 4 Aug 2015 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho
1:50/75Video 4 Jan 2018 NTSC-J Vitor Miranda wanted sub 150 but this will do for now. slowish run overall and killed guards by the glass because
1:51Video 18 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson got this moments before 1:49.
1:51/85Video 9 Jul 2013 NTSC Guilherme Alberto
1:51/78Video 13 Jan 2017 NTSC-J Sakuya A. Aztec so fu.........( ´ ▽ ` )
1:51/71Video 24 Feb 2018 NTSC-J Tyler Deel
1:51/68Video 26 May 2018 NTSC-J Oscar Pleininger Not quite there
1:52Video 19 Mar 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:52Video 14 Aug 2006 NTSC Bryan B. 00 Agent Total Time = 30:00!
1:52Video 17 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:52/81Video 15 May 2014 NTSC-J Alex Anderson luckiest drone boost past guard in vents
1:52/80Video 8 Nov 2015 NTSC-J Justin St-Pierre
1:53Video 12 Jun 2006 PAL Shane Garner
1:53Video 15 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:53/83Video 27 Aug 2013 PAL Karl Jobst
1:53/75Video 12 Sep 2016 NTSC-J Michael K. In the interest of rankings accuracy, and the fact that this was some second-try fluke, I'm just upl
1:53/74Video 4 Feb 2017 NTSC-J Jonathan H. dsx quality pr brought to you by eise smit
1:54/100Video 17 Oct 2005 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:54Video 15 Mar 2007 NTSC Ryan White
1:54/62Video 27 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Charlie Yeudall H
1:54/49Video 4 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Henry Rodriguez That'll do.
1:54/49Video 13 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Kyle Drayton Finally, a completion. 19 seconds cut from PB. 49 points when set. Shoutouts to Icy for the tips.
1:55/100Video 19 Feb 2005 PAL Henrik Norgren
1:55/100Video 26 Feb 2005 NTSC Trent H.
1:55Video 1 Apr 2008 NTSC Eddie Lovins
1:55Video 12 Jan 2012 NTSC-J Shawn Johnson
1:55/77Video 8 Jan 2015 NTSC-J Michael K. Horrible everything for the entire first half, then I started dunking on kids. Don't know when I'll
1:56/100Video 7 Mar 2003 PAL Wouter Jansen
1:56Video 3 Jan 2012 NTSC Guilherme Alberto
1:56/66Video 20 Apr 2017 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Safe run. Almost died anyway lol.
1:56/59Video 8 Apr 2018 NTSC Simon L. very unsatisfied with this run after a week of trying to improve PB closer to 150, but hey 2 secs is
1:56/59Video 14 Apr 2018 PAL Joonas Kytö
1:57/97Video 22 May 2004 NTSC Bryan B.
1:57Video 26 Jun 2005 NTSC Dan Cervone
1:57Video 8 Mar 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:57/79Video 29 Jun 2012 NTSC-J Jim Barrett
1:57/49Video 2 Jun 2018 NTSC-J Taylor v. Practice run, might actually attempt speedruns now hehe
1:58Video 7 Sep 2005 PAL Ilari Pekkala PAL
1:58Video 1 May 2008 PAL Graham Maddocks
1:58/73Video 1 Jul 2014 PAL Gregor Degenhart Total time: 1:19:48
1:58/58Video 19 Mar 2018 NTSC Simon L. Finally sub-2
1:58/30Video 25 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Riley Burke
1:58/22Video 20 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Colton Hinkle embarrassing.
1:59/63Video 23 Mar 2017 NTSC-J Chebon Shayen old strat
1:59/61Video 2 Aug 2017 NTSC-J Scott Berger
1:59/49Video 24 May 2018 NTSC-J João Vitor Getting sub 50pts with RTA strats like it's 2016.
1:59/49Video 2 Jun 2018 NTSC-J Paul M. mega irrel but at least the 2 is gone, controversial vent strat (scary)
1:59/45Video 2 Jun 2018 NTSC-J Randy Chapman had to pause an extra time because im dumb
2:00Video 12 Dec 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
2:00Video 15 Mar 2007 NTSC Ryan White
2:00/4Video 13 Sep 2020 NTSC-J James Greening The 10 minute SDES barrier is broken (bar any untieds very soon) ! WR time 1:10:50 PTR time 1:20:4
2:01Video 9 Jan 2012 NTSC-J Shawn Johnson
2:01/58Video 2 Jan 2018 NTSC-J Vitor Miranda went safe again, but better run overall
2:01/42Video 2 Jun 2018 NTSC-J Kev B. luckbox
2:01Video 22 Nov 2020 NTSC Mark Leithead Thanks for watching
2:02Video 19 Jan 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:02/52Video 21 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Paul M.
2:02/49Video 18 May 2018 NTSC-J Eric Bergmann
2:03Video N/A PAL Ilari Pekkala
2:04/60Video 25 Jul 2017 NTSC-J Taylor v. VERY spooky glass on this run, lived the mf room with ~3 hp Didn't blow the vents drones this time
2:04/60Video 25 Jul 2017 NTSC-J Patrik Nilsson
2:04/23Video 10 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Riley Burke Played it safe for a quick completion.
2:05Video 1 Jul 2007 NTSC Leonardo Santos
2:05Video 16 Mar 2008 PAL Adam Bozon
2:05/46Video 1 May 2018 NTSC Austin H. Finally didn't die
2:05/19Video 12 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Leo Perna Worth 19 Points When Set
2:05/4Video 1 Jul 2020 NTSC-J Josh Thomson Oh wow I just got points from that LOL! First completion on 00A.
2:06Video 16 Feb 2005 NTSC Brandon Sanford
2:06Video 2 Oct 2005 NTSC Alex Anderson 1.1
2:06Video 27 Feb 2012 NTSC-J Ryan K.
2:06/67Video 13 Jul 2015 NTSC-J Randy Buikema 6 second cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /irrelevant
2:06/66Video 9 Sep 2015 NTSC-J Justin St-Pierre
2:07/67Video 14 Jun 2015 NTSC-J Jonathan H.
2:07/60Video 13 Sep 2016 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
2:08Video 16 Jul 2011 PAL Luke Pettit
2:08/67Video 27 Nov 2013 NTSC-J Eise S. JAP
2:08/17Video 14 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Cal Brabham #ZedPress Fast enough for points, slow enough for weekly bonus Sammo would grade these vents D+
2:08Video N/A PAL Adam Moore
2:09/94Video 7 Jan 2004 NTSC Jim Barrett
2:09/43Video 17 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Paul M. Enjoy my let's play
2:09/20Video 8 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Thomas Andrews Nearly had a heart attack getting stuck going back into the vents. First completion with the new gla
2:10Video 18 Sep 2005 PAL Quentin Meunier
2:10Video 20 Sep 2006 NTSC Eddie Lovins
2:10Video 21 Nov 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:10/48Video 31 Dec 2017 NTSC-J Vitor Miranda had two bars when glass opened so used the safer strat killing everyone. def going for sub 150.
2:10/3Video 23 Apr 2020 PAL James Greening Another SDES time, killing 2:13. Sub 2 would be a great SDES 2022 target. My first real 00a vents
2:11Video 1 May 2008 PAL Graham Maddocks
2:11/8Video 30 Oct 2019 NTSC-J Leo Perna Worth 8 points when set
2:11/0Video 29 Oct 2020 PAL Maciek H trolled in the first room, yea. huge shout outs to mop890 for the GL
2:11Video N/A NTSC Trent H.
2:12Video 27 Aug 2008 NTSC Randy Buikema
2:12/62Video 29 Jun 2015 NTSC-J Justin St-Pierre random unposted time
2:12/33Video 31 May 2018 NTSC Glan Ivin Guard tried to troll me in vents, but I squeezed past him. Also features PP7 in vents!
2:13/62Video 26 Nov 2014 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga still safe strats because fuck last room
2:13/57Video 20 Dec 2015 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Don't-want-to-play-this-for-the-rest-of-my-life strats. 57 points for this is pretty hilarious.
2:13Video 2 Mar 2018 NTSC-J Kyle Drayton First points on the leaderboard! Can't believe this time was as good as it is. Didn't have a gren
2:13/0Video 8 Jun 2022 NTSC-J Jonathan Benoit
2:14/0Video 30 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Michael S.
2:14Video N/A PAL Axel Andersson
2:15Video 21 Mar 2006 PAL Rayan I.
2:15/46Video 22 Dec 2017 NTSC-J Irie Butler "this is not a birdiebop"
2:16/62Video 23 May 2014 NTSC Greg Larkin
2:16/51Video 14 Feb 2017 NTSC-J Tyler Deel lifer
2:17Video 17 Nov 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:17/61Video 4 Feb 2014 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
2:17/42Video 3 Jan 2018 NTSC-J Timmy Johansson Full timespage hype!
2:17Video N/A NTSC Brandon Sanford
2:18/100Video 7 Jul 2002 PAL Matthijs ten Ham 4-second untied WR when set
2:18/47Video 28 Mar 2017 NTSC-J Matthew Burden my bpm took off like the space shuttle did
2:18/5Video 27 Oct 2019 NTSC Cory May
2:19Video 28 Sep 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:19/57Video 11 Apr 2015 PAL Ludovic Begon
2:19/42Video 18 Nov 2017 NTSC-J Aaron Scott
2:19Video N/A PAL Graham Morris
2:20Video 26 Apr 2004 PAL Greg Lewis
2:20/34Video 29 Jan 2018 NTSC-J Kev B. First 00A completion.
2:20/33Video 10 Mar 2018 NTSC Simon L. tried sub-2min strats for past week, got tired of it and just wanted completion. harrumph for safety
2:21Video 8 Jul 2002 NTSC Derek Clark
2:21/48Video 19 Nov 2015 NTSC-J João Vitor Took 10min
2:21/24Video 13 May 2018 NTSC-J Adam V. The cooked pause though. Part of the Month of Aztec. Career Glass: #36 Dedicated to Meme Go
2:22/100Video 4 Jul 2002 PAL Adam Moore
2:22/38Video 11 Feb 2017 NTSC-J Aaron Morgan I've finally found a level I hate more than streets
2:23Video 8 Mar 2007 PAL Graham Maddocks
2:23/33Video 23 Jul 2017 NTSC-J Taylor v. First ever completion, played as safe as possible
2:26Video 23 Aug 2002 NTSC Shawn Johnson
2:28/47Video 14 Jan 2013 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
2:28Video N/A NTSC Greg Woll
2:28Video N/A NTSC Peter Osterland
2:29/33Video 6 Aug 2015 NTSC-J Joshua Nash Completed using glass skip.
2:29/26Video 23 Mar 2017 NTSC Thomas Andrews Safe strat. Pretty slow opening. Might go for lower one day, but I'm just glad I had a completion!
2:29/0Video 4 Jun 2022 NTSC-J Jonathan Benoit
2:30/0Video 26 Oct 2019 NTSC-J Leo Perna
2:31/0Video 24 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson LOL at the accidental mid-air grenade snipe. It saved the run.
2:32Video 13 Jun 2006 NTSC Jimmy Bauer
2:32/34Video 24 May 2014 NTSC Michael K. JAP; achieved during a 00 Agent speedrun; run starts at 38:25
2:32/11Video 6 Feb 2018 NTSC-J Lance Mudryk Four day point streak. Done with the Aztecs for now
2:32/10Video 22 Mar 2018 PAL Joonas Kytö Raw:
2:33/0Video 26 Oct 2019 NTSC-J Leo Perna
2:34Video 20 Jan 2006 PAL Rayan I.
2:34Video 11 Feb 2007 PAL Patrik Nilsson
2:34/0Video 28 Nov 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
2:35/6Video 9 Feb 2018 NTSC Simon L. ashamed
2:37Video 25 Oct 2020 NTSC Mark Leithead Thanks for watching
2:38/100Video 22 Apr 2001 NTSC Ben Gorman
2:38/27Video 5 Oct 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
2:38/11Video 1 May 2017 NTSC-J Harry Van Dort
2:38/0Video 15 Feb 2021 NTSC-J Karl M. Lost about 30 years to the slow glass open
2:38Video N/A PAL Ryan Dwyer
2:40Video N/A PAL Øyvind Persvik
2:41Video 2 Jan 2002 PAL Wouter Jansen
2:41Video N/A NTSC Jim Barrett
2:42Video 1 Mar 2001 NTSC Ben Gorman
2:42/18Video 1 Jan 2015 NTSC-J Joshua Nash Completed using glass skip. My first points!
2:43Video 10 May 2009 PAL Matthijs Triep
2:45Video 8 Mar 2007 PAL Graham Maddocks
2:48Video 20 Jul 2005 NTSC Thomas Andrews
2:49/100Video 19 Aug 1999 NTSC Sterling Neblett
2:49/0Video 28 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett I'll take it, first sub 3 min.
2:49/0Video 2 Jun 2022 NTSC-J Jonathan Benoit Just on the return. I get hit 6 times with 12 bars of damage. Jeez!
2:50Video 30 Jun 2005 PAL David Cliff
2:50/0Video 22 Mar 2020 NTSC Dan O.
2:53/4Video 20 Nov 2015 NTSC-J Sakuya A. ( ´ ▽ ` )
2:55Video 10 Sep 2001 PAL Matthijs ten Ham
2:59/3Video 28 Jun 2015 PAL Robert Rune Finally i get a time that makes me really happy on a level that i hate most (on 00A only). Now i ha
3:00Video 18 Jan 2004 PAL Henrik Norgren
3:00/0Video 13 Oct 2013 NTSC Mark Briggs Team Rocket has blasted off.
3:01/0Video 27 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Still want lower, sub 3 at least. Tough level
3:03Video N/A PAL Øyvind Persvik
3:04/0Video 8 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
3:05/0Video 27 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Died on a handful of way faster runs in the big room. Going for sub 3 at least.
3:08/3Video 1 May 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
3:08/0Video 3 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F. Second completion.
3:12/0Video 28 Feb 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
3:13/0Video 22 Nov 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
3:14/0Video 8 Oct 2015 NTSC-J Harry Van Dort Completed using Control Style 1.2
3:15/0Video 26 Apr 2020 PAL Maciek H
3:18/0Video 1 Mar 2019 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
3:20/0Video 25 May 2022 NTSC-J Jonathan Benoit
3:22/0Video 24 Oct 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
3:24/0Video 5 Apr 2021 NTSC-J Declan Moodie
3:29Video N/A PAL Robert Shepherd
3:30/0Video 28 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Brian Burchett #YOLO
3:36/0Video 8 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Cal Brabham Knew this wasn't going to be worth points, so played it out super slow for a completion. Second roo
3:36/0Video 16 Sep 2021 NTSC Gordon Garnett 11 more seconds cut, had so much health left in the end.
3:37/0Video 16 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Steve Dudick 00 RTA strats. Conservative throughout. Aztec blows.
3:37Video 28 Apr 2020 NTSC Mark Leithead Thanks to RayareReviewing for hanging out in the chat during this run. Thanks
3:39/0Video 9 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
3:43/0Video 11 Sep 2020 NTSC-J Eric P. Can't post vid cos fuck YT
3:45/0Video 6 Feb 2018 NTSC-J Russ Wharff Bad & sloppy but my first 00 completion yolo'ing the big room.
3:47/0Video 13 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
3:47/0Video 16 Sep 2021 NTSC Gordon Garnett Still a bad run, but happy to cut 14 more seconds.
3:48/0Video 27 Apr 2018 NTSC Adam V. First completion with glass strat. Career glass: #8
3:53/0Video 13 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Michael S.
3:57Video N/A NTSC Joseph Pierman
4:01/0Video 10 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
4:09/0Video 15 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Dan O.
4:11/0Video 1 Aug 2015 NTSC Harry Van Dort Completed using Control Style 1.2
4:11/0Video 21 Aug 2020 PAL William Russ
4:11/0Video 30 Mar 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
4:12/0Video 30 Nov 2018 NTSC Steve Dudick Another couple of hours put in to get this time.
4:19/0Video 1 Apr 2019 NTSC-J Cal Brabham This was the laziest, worst run of the day. Totally casual, just with saved a minute by using the gl
4:22/0Video 30 Mar 2014 PAL Tobias Linde
4:23/0Video 29 Nov 2021 NTSC-J Ross H.
4:28/0Video 17 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
4:28/0Video 10 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
4:32/100Video 12 Sep 1998 PAL Steven Zwartjes
4:54/0Video 15 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
5:00/0Video 9 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
5:02/0Video 16 Aug 2019 PAL Maciek H Meh Aztec is real hard. Had only like 6 glassdoor openings in the whole 8 hour grind. I slowed down
5:16/0Video 16 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
5:24/0Video 26 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
5:35/0Video 8 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
5:42/0Video 29 Dec 2018 NTSC-J Cal Brabham First completion, completely casual - end was a real mess, got the exhaust bay switched wrong. TI
5:51/0Video 12 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
6:13/0Video 14 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
6:22/0Video 9 Feb 2022 NTSC Graeme S. 2nd time ever getting glass
6:28/0Video 28 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Eric P.
6:41Video 1 Jun 2013 NTSC David Silverlind
6:44/0Video 28 May 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger not a good run at all, just getting this on the board. Finally have a complete times page.
6:48/0Video 9 Dec 2020 NTSC-J James Nero Finally got a complete. Oof.
7:00/0Video 22 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Eric P.
7:08/0Video 17 Jun 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee - after being gone for a week for thee graduation in Oregon, it took ~75 minutes to get this run on
7:09/0Video 21 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Cory Hanson Still haven't finished a run without clearing the big room.
7:13/0Video 11 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
7:24/0Video 3 Jul 2020 NTSC Jerry Bee - in a MASSIVE shocker, it only took a couple of Aztec 00 runs to absolutely DESTROY my previous PB
7:47/0Video 22 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood
8:03Video 30 Mar 2007 NTSC Eric Tapani
8:05/0Video 20 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood
8:31/0Video 18 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Cory Hanson Filling out my times page. First run on the new JP cart. Also, 8:31 beats the previous owner's time,
9:04/0Video 6 Mar 2018 NTSC Adam V. No body armor soon, and by soon, I mean eventually, and by eventually, I mean if no one does it befo
9:54/0Video 20 Oct 2018 NTSC Skye S. All GE times sub 10:00! Back in Top 300 time ranks!
11:15Video 16 Dec 2019 NTSC Cory Hanson Finishing out the English cartridge.
12:14/0Video 13 Dec 2014 NTSC Ben Plath FINALLY!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN. Got Egypt and 007 difficulty unlocked! :D This took almost 4 hours to bea
12:20/0Video 17 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Brian Burchett That was the most scared I've ever been playing any level in GE. I've finally completed Aztec on 00A