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I've been playing GoldenEye since 1997. When I was a kid I would see how fast I could complete depot (just because it was literally a run to the exit level). At the time, I was entirely unaware that speedrunning was a thing (I was 7 years old). I recently picked it back up and started trying to post times. Progress is slow. I mean SLOW, but there's progress no less. Even and extra second feels like a win. GE is so optimised by some truly talented people, so aside from a few, I may never tie any WRs, but that's not really what this community is about to me.

Interesting facts

Daniel Guimond uses the 1.2 control style.

Daniel Guimond uses an NTSC console.

Daniel Guimond's country: United States of America.

Joined The-Elite:
8 September 2014.

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8 September 2014.

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