Archives Agent 0:16 by Michael Lightbody

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  • Achieved: 12 October 2018
  • System: NTSC
  • Rank: 5th (93 points)
  • Player's comments:
    Can't keep me out of the Lobby forever. :-]
    25 hours total for this.
    5 16s with opening Nat door but she didnt see me.

    I freaked out a little too much and needed to be quiet. This felt worse than 90% of my finished runs today but started to just yolo the first room like 30 minutes before this. Very shocked this was 16 with stuck on final bookcase and railing next to Nat door.

Michael Lightbody's time history for Archives Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
12 October 2018 Video NTSC
15 September 2018 None NTSC

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