Chicago Agent 0:16 by Hattok

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  • Achieved: 14 October 2018
  • System: NTSC
  • Points when achieved: 38
  • Rank: 112th (0 points)
  • Player's comments:
    First session of playing Perfect Dark for my first points. My lines are sloppy, I can't quick draw, and I've only nailed the "throw" a couple times ever.

    To compensate for this, I know that if you throw mines at an angle they will bounce in like skipping a rock on water. I was able to get the mine much more often by bowling it right into the sweet spot.

Hattok's time history for Chicago Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
14 October 2018 Video NTSC
14 October 2018 None NTSC
Unknown None Unknown

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