GoldenEye Agent 24:45 by Josh Schwarz

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 29 May 2018
  • System: NTSC

Sub 25 finally, 4 out of 6 gold splits!

Dam 55: standard
Fac 53: really good for me
Runway 24: thought this was 23 but whatever
Surface 107: standard
B1 20: good for me
Silo 126: Kinda troll run but still good
Frigate 41: Ok hostages
S2 56: Went for safe strat here because of how good my run was for me up to this point
B2 32: I can't seem to get any good at this level for some reason
Statue 230: BEST FR!
Archives 22: lol I always botch this level in RTA
Streets 116: Standard
Depot 30: Train shot just a tad off
Train 144: Pretty good for me
Jungle 136: Troll, played it super safe
Control 428: Also super troll, had to go for late, safe mine throw in the drone room.
Cavs 112: Kinda bad but really nice boost into the elevator
Cradle 46: Standard