GoldenEye Agent 22:19 by Josh Schwarz

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 13 April 2021
  • System: NTSC-J

Dedicated to Jono for his epic match cup victory

Dam: 0:55 (Standard, although I get a lot of 54s as well)
Facility: 0:49 (Decent, features an insane mine throw through the hallway door)
Runway: 0:23 (Standard)
Surface 1: 1:03 (INSANE, first time getting 1:03 in a run)
Bunker 1: 0:20 (Standard)
Silo: 1:15 (Ok for me, hope to improve on this level for future runs)
Frigate: 0:37 (Decent hostage luck)
Surface 2: 0:54 (Standard)
Bunker 2: 0:32 (Not great, but acceptable)
Statue: 2:28 (Solid time for not best trev shot reaction and lower tier FR spot)
Archives: 0:19 (Cringe first room)
Streets: 1:16 (Bad luck boosts wise but not a major timeloss)
Depot: 0:28 (Good for missed train shot)
Train: 1:17 (BARELY missed Ouro skip, but I almost never get it in runs anyway. This is by far my most inconsistent level so I'll take this)
Jungle: 0:58 (Backup 3rd mine throw, safe ending)
Control: 4:03 (Solid, A in fade)
Caverns: 1:05 (Standard)
Cradle: 0:40 (Finally didn't post cringe on this level)

19:22 IGT