GoldenEye Agent 23:29 by Samuel Scholten

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 15 April 2019
  • System: NTSC-J

Finally free from the prison I placed myself in.

dam - 55 standard
fac - 56 huge time losses, around 4+ seconds compared to a decent run, really horrible
run - 24 standard
sf1 - 105 very nice
bk1 - 21 missed warp pretty badly, smooth otherwise
sil - 117 unfortunately I classify a 117 as a great silo fmd
fri - 47 terrible run and bad hostages, easily 10+ seconds lost from a decent frig
sf2 - 55 good standard
bk2 - 33 tons of backs and no lure, missed warp, real scam easily 2+ seconds lost
sta - 230 great trev shot/react, pretty bad fr easily 6 seconds lost just from FR
arc - 19 standard clean (for me) 'chives
str - 115 standardish but bad considering two rocket self boosts
dep - 30 standard because I can't hit the train shot and I'm also too shit for 29s
tra - 119 absolutely cooked, super clean run and standard good locks
jun - 110 bad, lost time on a mine mishap and got a drone back because no RCP90 (thanks Xenia you fucking strumpet)
con - 421 kinda troll guards at the start, also health wasn't great so I had to use my "1960s glass strat", other than that standard
cav - 108 didn't beat trev to the first doors, some minor guard/balustrade stuckage but no drone backs
cra - 42 are you happy now, Dusky?