All videos for Train - LTK

Difficulty:AgentSecret Agent00 AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Train on the LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

2:38Video 2 Apr 2019 NTSC Rayan I. YangTrain bitches #YangGang raw:
2:44Video 20 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
2:45Video 20 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
2:46Video 9 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
2:47Video 9 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
2:48Video 6 Aug 2014 PAL Rayan I.
2:57Video 16 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Big skip and big overshot of my goal! Really happy with this time! I was very lucky and aggressive h
2:59Video 8 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
3:00Video 1 Aug 2014 PAL Rayan I.
3:04Video 25 Feb 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. 2nd place in LTK rankings with this time! dedicated to my friend Rik who watched this live
3:09Video 9 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Decent run, I'll take it.
3:10Video 6 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B. Not great, but it wasn't a big investment of time either.
3:10Video 17 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O. very poor 2nd brake and slow 2nd blue cart.
3:12Video 6 May 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
3:12Video 17 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O. Still got some cringe to iron out.
3:15Video 1 May 2008 PAL Adam Bozon Untied when set
3:18Video 16 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O.
3:18Video 25 Feb 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. crap
3:19Video 7 Jan 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B.
3:23Video 30 Jan 2004 NTSC Garrett Sellati Untied when set
3:25Video 23 Feb 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. poop
3:27Video 15 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O.
3:28Video 20 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. nice! sub 3:30, 90 pointer. dedicated to jaaspuh
3:30Video 26 Nov 2016 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Safe locks cause bad.
3:31Video 7 Sep 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez Another top 10 in the LTK! And 4th! For some reason, the black guard who spawned didn't come to the
3:36Video 29 Dec 2005 NTSC Brandon Sanford Captured by Michael Kirkness in 2014.
3:36Video 1 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody ok boomer
3:40Video 5 Nov 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson Not bad, but not particularly good either. A rather old PR actually. Decent when set.
3:44Video 22 Sep 2022 NTSC-J Simon L. sure, why the heck not
3:45Video 14 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O.
3:51Video 17 Oct 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala Re-watching this makes me cringe.
3:56Video 13 Jan 2022 NTSC Dan O.
3:59Video 3 Dec 2015 PAL David Cliff This was the worst time on my LTKs so I wanted to cut it down, was hoping for better but I'm glad it
4:02Video 7 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. solid cut to end the night!
4:12Video 21 Apr 2022 PAL Tom Russell
4:13Video 30 Jun 2022 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
4:13Video N/A NTSC Dan Cervone
4:14Video 8 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Blake Carroll 20/20
4:15Video 31 Jul 2019 NTSC Travis Judd Here ya go, I completely forgot to check the GoldenEye proof call lmao.
4:24Video 5 Apr 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
4:25Video 6 Apr 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
4:26Video 12 Aug 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
4:36Video 20 Jan 2022 NTSC Josh Schwarz this is my brain on smart boosters
4:39Video 5 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Sean Johnson #BOZON
4:42Video 3 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Aaron Budwal 18/20 completed
4:44Video 16 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Colton Hinkle
4:57Video 14 May 2017 NTSC-J David V. Want to get past the 1000 point mark in LTK though I should in another level to do that.
5:01Video N/A NTSC Bryan B.
5:03Video 28 Feb 2022 PAL Tom Russell
5:09Video 11 Apr 2007 PAL Patrik Nilsson
5:16Video 14 Sep 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
5:18Video 19 May 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
5:22Video 26 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Michael S. #BorisInvincibles second try ever playing train ltk and I get a complete..... LETS GOOOO!
5:27Video 10 May 2020 NTSC Greg Larkin This is a satisfying LTK completion. Props to Nat for saving the run.
5:27Video 24 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Cal Brabham #CerebrusAlpha Sneaky lunch break completion
5:33Video 3 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho
5:37Video 2 Jan 2022 PAL Tom Russell #BorisInvincibles
5:43Video 26 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten 5 to go, chief.
5:44Video 11 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga
5:44Video 2 Apr 2022 NTSC Ben Burns 2.4 controls. First completion. I practiced the ending a bunch, this is the second run that made it
5:56Video 18 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Simon L. #HotO
6:07Video 5 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. first complete. took a couple hours
6:09Video 20 Jan 2016 NTSC Aaron Scott
6:13Video 8 Jan 2021 NTSC Josh Schwarz #FTP
6:23Video 24 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Brian Rose scary level is too scary
6:26Video 1 Jan 2021 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay I previously lost a considerably faster run because I failed to hit Xenia... Oh well... #DCC, +80
6:26Video 28 Jun 2021 PAL Tom Russell Natalya perishing to flames: 1 Forgetting the first brake unit: 1 Shot by Trev: 0 Improving!
6:45Video 8 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Troy N. took like 7 hours or something ridiculous.
6:49Video 3 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson #DCC
7:17Video 24 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Eric Tomillon casual completion
7:22Video 14 Oct 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga cruel level
7:26Video 27 Sep 2014 PAL David Cliff Time History: 11:53 = 08/04/2014
7:27Video 8 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Brian Rose didn't even realize I used up every bullet at the end
8:13Video 4 Aug 2015 NTSC Joshua Nash
8:37Video 4 Feb 2017 NTSC David V.
8:55Video 5 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Alka Maass 3 more levels left
8:58Video 15 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
9:03Video 19 Oct 2007 NTSC Mark Briggs Level is deceptively interesting. You don't know what type of guards to deal with in further rooms.
9:20Video 8 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Janne Pitkänen
10:31Video 5 Sep 2013 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay
11:29Video 19 Oct 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
11:53Video 8 Apr 2014 PAL David Cliff
12:10Video 4 Jan 2022 NTSC-J H Ogden #BorisInvincibles
14:07Video 14 Feb 2013 NTSC Lloyd Palmer
14:24Video 25 Jan 2021 NTSC-J H Ogden