Maian SOS Perfect Agent 2:00 by Big Bossman

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  • Achieved: 29 December 2018
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Points when achieved: 100
  • Rank: 2nd (97 points)
  • Player's comments:
    Finally! This time makes my WR at some point total at 56/60. Most notable thing about this run is that I kept auto aim on the entire run. If the saucer guards are lured early, the run is probably over anyway. I think it's worth having on for the few guards you need to deal with.

Big Bossman's time history for Maian SOS Perfect Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
29 December 2018 Video NTSC-J
16 December 2018 None NTSC-J
31 October 2015 Video NTSC
26 October 2015 None NTSC
24 October 2015 Video NTSC
8 July 2005 Video NTSC
7 January 2005 None NTSC

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