All videos for Maian SOS - Perfect Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Maian SOS on the Perfect Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:57/100Video 13 Jan 2022 NTSC Alluring Fairy Dancing through the fire around me, I'll never stop!
1:58/100Video 3 Mar 2019 NTSC Perfect Ace
2:00/100Video 17 Jun 2016 NTSC Karl Jobst
2:00/100Video 29 Dec 2018 NTSC-J Big Bossman Finally! This time makes my WR at some point total at 56/60. Most notable thing about this run is th
2:00/97Video 11 Jan 2022 NTSC Alluring Fairy Is this what you wanted? We get drunk, we get high We pop pills until the morning We don't care,
2:02/100Video 31 Dec 2007 NTSC Perfect Ace
2:02/94Video 15 Dec 2020 NTSC BK #Amalgamates Insane 10 second skip with what might be the luckiest headshot of my career (final g
2:02/94Video 9 Jan 2022 NTSC Alluring Fairy "As is obvious, we are stronger, faster, more focused than normal creatures. You will find your
2:03/92Video 27 Sep 2021 NTSC JDBlack21 ahhhhh, I'm pooosting!!!! proof of date:
2:04/100Video 19 Dec 2007 NTSC Perfect Ace
2:04/97Video 31 Oct 2015 NTSC Big Bossman Not sure if I will keep going.. good time nonetheless.
2:04/91Video 16 Apr 2022 NTSC-J FALL Project HIRANO
2:05Video 22 Aug 2010 NTSC CEDRIC
2:06/100Video 4 Sep 2007 PAL Perfect Ace
2:06/93Video 19 Oct 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Can't believe that green is still hoarding
2:06/93Video 9 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Dr. Light terrible big lift and very safe end. a lot easier doing this strat than i thought
2:06/92Video 18 Oct 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood hashtagsigmamindset
2:07/100Video 9 Jun 2007 NTSC Taka
2:07/95Video 24 Oct 2015 NTSC Big Bossman Not as bad as I thought to complete this strat.
2:07/91Video 20 Sep 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy Certified Comedy Run™
2:08/100Video 8 Dec 2004 NTSC JugadorJ3 download:
2:08/93Video 20 Mar 2016 NTSC Greenounet
2:08/92Video 23 Nov 2018 NTSC-J Icy Garbage lift and a garbage ending. Really unforgiving level.
2:09/82Video 18 Jun 2022 NTSC ThaRixer The meme is dead
2:10/91Video 29 Apr 2016 NTSC Swiss bad. happy to get a completion though.
2:10Video 30 Dec 2016 NTSC-J Swiss
2:10/90Video 16 Mar 2018 NTSC-J Icy bYE
2:10/89Video 19 Oct 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Fun level when you don't have to abuse the pause technique
2:10/81Video 13 Jul 2022 NTSC Hot Coldman not good
2:11Video 8 Jul 2005 NTSC Big Bossman Video is original using VCR.
2:11Video 23 Jul 2005 NTSC Your Eliteness
2:11Video 30 Aug 2005 NTSC Greg K.
2:11Video 14 Oct 2008 NTSC Otto Oksman
2:11/84Video 8 Mar 2021 NTSC Eliminator Jr. insanely cringe run this is the worst level in the game
2:11Video N/A NTSC Dan Cervone
2:12Video 16 Aug 2008 NTSC HBloomz Might have lost 2:11 at the end when I exited the lift..
2:12/85Video 3 May 2016 NTSC JustinDT
2:12/82Video 19 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood Cooked (no pause strat)
2:12/83Video 14 Oct 2019 NTSC Lake Demon
2:12/81Video 19 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Illu
2:13Video 13 Apr 2005 NTSC Role Model
2:13/83Video 16 Jul 2015 NTSC Axel Z swept my inactive friend bcks (in both GE and PD) with this PR. low decimal =( This level is a
2:13/80Video 22 Dec 2016 NTSC jezz
2:13/79Video 24 Oct 2018 NTSC punjab
2:13/78Video 21 Aug 2019 NTSC Dr. Light completing some runs for fun and got a fast lift I guess
2:14Video 23 Oct 2006 NTSC Illu
2:14/81Video 12 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z Bittersweet PR. I wanted to improve 2:15, and aimed for 2:13. Bad ending cost me that time. This
2:14/80Video 7 Sep 2015 NTSC Greenounet
2:14/76Video 13 Dec 2017 NTSC-J speedruntrainer
2:14/72Video 23 Jul 2019 NTSC Dr. Light why didnt I play this sooner, one of the best levels
2:15/100Video 20 Jun 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
2:15Video 16 Jul 2008 PAL Red Bull
2:15/80Video 29 Aug 2014 NTSC Axel Z
2:15/79Video 26 May 2015 NTSC Greenounet
2:15/68Video 20 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Happens Got a faster lift. Still could have done better with my strafing and shooting the saucer, but I thin
2:16Video 23 Feb 2012 NTSC Zezinho
2:16/77Video 27 Aug 2014 NTSC Axel Z
2:16/74Video 16 Apr 2016 NTSC Icy Some sloppiness at the end, but I'll just improve this with the fast cycle in the future.
2:16/62Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy
2:16/60Video 19 Jul 2020 NTSC FOrk
2:17/100Video 5 Apr 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
2:17Video 1 May 2005 NTSC Dark Slayer
2:17Video 9 Jul 2008 NTSC Carathorn
2:17/72Video 8 Jan 2015 NTSC MouserScribe Yay! Though there is a faster elevator than this. I might go back in and wait it out. I would want
2:17/71Video 13 Apr 2016 NTSC Icy Lucky ending.
2:18/100Video 27 Jan 2001 NTSC ParagonX9 TWR
2:18Video 22 Jan 2012 NTSC 50 Cent
2:18/66Video 19 May 2015 NTSC Icy
2:18/62Video 4 Aug 2016 NTSC SGT RAGEQUIT
2:18/61Video 1 Nov 2017 NTSC-J ♡ Madoka ♡
2:19/100Video 20 Oct 2000 NTSC ParagonX9
2:19/63Video 14 Jun 2013 NTSC PerfectTaste
2:19/63Video 27 Aug 2014 NTSC Axel Z
2:19/62Video 17 Apr 2015 NTSC Greenounet
2:19/59Video 12 Sep 2015 NTSC Flickerform
2:20/56Video 6 Jan 2015 NTSC speedruntrainer
2:20/46Video 9 Jul 2018 NTSC TroubleClef92 1:25:00 invested. Worth 46 points when achieved.
2:20/43Video 14 May 2019 NTSC BK Shocked I survived
2:20/37Video 2 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Happens Still cringe, 5 point gain. Worth 37 points when achieved.
2:20/36Video 30 Dec 2019 NTSC ThaRixer lmao oh well 63/63 woo
2:21/53Video 5 Jan 2015 NTSC speedruntrainer
2:21/52Video 13 Mar 2015 NTSC Flickerform
2:21/43Video 10 May 2018 NTSC Lake Demon Bad
2:21/39Video 13 May 2019 NTSC BK OMG epic Lake Demon tie!!!
2:21/29Video 20 May 2020 NTSC-J Taber Got this pretty quick after a long time not playing. lost 4 secs on ending
2:22/100Video 6 Sep 2000 NTSC Marshmallow
2:22Video 21 Dec 2000 NTSC ExpertGamer
2:22/41Video 9 Jul 2018 NTSC TroubleClef92 35:00 invested. Worth 41 points when achieved.
2:22/15Video 5 Jun 2021 NTSC-J nv Jawbreakers #Kringe
2:23Video 6 Oct 2001 NTSC Bujusima
2:23Video 28 May 2002 PAL Karl Jobst
2:23/36Video 9 Jul 2018 NTSC Alka Maass #ThirdEchelon
2:23/34Video 12 Oct 2018 NTSC Sam Fisher
2:23/33Video 19 Jan 2019 NTSC Dildonius
2:24Video 13 Nov 2005 NTSC Illu
2:24/41Video 12 Sep 2015 NTSC Sgrieve
2:24/24Video 28 Jul 2019 NTSC Hot Coldman
2:24/19Video 17 Jun 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy
2:24/19Video 25 Jun 2020 NTSC FOrk
2:25Video 8 Jan 2011 NTSC Zezinho
2:27/1Video 5 Jun 2021 NTSC Shiva [RBE]
2:28/40Video 30 Aug 2013 NTSC speedruntrainer
2:28/24Video 18 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Pauliwood
2:28Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
2:29Video N/A PAL DarkAko
2:31/28Video 17 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
2:31/20Video 12 Sep 2015 NTSC Sgrieve
2:31Video N/A NTSC JonaEru
2:32Video N/A NTSC Ngamer
2:34/7Video 13 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
2:34/0Video 5 Oct 2021 NTSC LiquorStoreGord Been practicing this level for a few nights now. I liked this run, need to speed up the UFO destroy,
2:35/3Video 9 Jul 2014 NTSC MouserScribe Better...
2:43/0Video 3 Jul 2022 NTSC PD4FR
2:44/0Video 20 Aug 2014 PAL Adam Miller Mostly solid run. Messed up the final elevator though.
2:45Video 18 Jun 2016 NTSC-J Icy And now the version rankings table is full!
2:48Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
2:53/0Video 14 Feb 2021 NTSC Seanjohn
2:56/0Video 17 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
2:57Video N/A NTSC TheJedi
3:05/0Video 26 Sep 2021 NTSC LiquorStoreGord Sub 3 min next PR?
3:18Video N/A NTSC Ngamer
3:25Video N/A NTSC Ngamer
3:29/0Video 10 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
3:36/0Video 17 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
3:54/0Video 13 Apr 2014 NTSC Icy
5:00/0Video 26 Apr 2017 NTSC Sam Fisher This level is so hard just to survive. This is the level and difficulty I struggle with the most.
5:29/0Video 27 Jan 2019 NTSC-J MadmanFlechr The last of my 10+ minute PB's fall.
6:01/0Video 9 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere
6:32/0Video 8 Oct 2017 PAL David Cliff not the best but I nearly halved my old time.
6:39/0Video 28 Apr 2020 NTSC ghostbus
7:06Video 2 Mar 2012 NTSC Axel Z
7:50/0Video 29 Oct 2021 NTSC Scarybear
8:05/0Video 18 Sep 2021 PAL Mr. Blonde #OneTrueBlonde Date of play: 18/09/21 FIRST COMPLETE! PD TIMES PAGE COMPLETE!
10:07/0Video 6 Feb 2021 NTSC Seanjohn
10:59Video 16 Jan 2012 NTSC Axel Z
12:05Video 16 May 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr Last mission I completed. Have now completed every PD mission on every difficulty for the first time