Crash Site Perfect Agent 1:47 by Flickerform

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  • Achieved: 26 August 2017
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank: N/A - Flickerform has improved this time
  • Player's comments:
    Something's jamming my transmissions... It's coming from that other craft. I better find the jamming device and check that Elvis is okay. Not forgetting the President, of course.

    music vid exists but is blocked worldwide on youtube
    if you would like the music vid experience, mute the video and play "Sister" by The Black Keys alongside

Flickerform's time history for Crash Site Perfect Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
13 January 2019 Video NTSC-J
13 January 2019 Video NTSC-J
11 January 2019 Video NTSC-J
26 August 2017 Video NTSC-J
24 December 2016 Video NTSC
26 August 2017 None NTSC-J
3 July 2015 Video NTSC
3 July 2015 None NTSC
2 July 2015 Video NTSC
1 July 2015 Video NTSC
1 July 2015 None NTSC
30 May 2015 Video NTSC
Unknown None NTSC

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