Crash Site Agent 1:13 by Flickerform

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  • Achieved: 30 August 2020
  • System: NTSC
  • Points when achieved: Untied World Record when set!
  • Rank: 1st (100 points)
  • Player's comments:
    4/5 Untied World Records on Crash Site.
    (Edit: Untied Sweep! - See SA 1:24 Comment)

    One of the most dramatic grinds of my life start to finish. Utilized mine bike push strat which I proved to save time and popularized. 9 dupes of 1:14, including a 1:13.98 round up and a lot of low decimals.

    1:14 was the 3rd oldest World Record in Perfect Dark at 3453 days, 7th oldest all time, and the last CEDRIC untied, which itself was a former Longest Standing Untied and the 5th longest standing untied of all time at 2425 days.

    Ends Ace's 20/20 Agent sweep.

    Shoutouts to all my friends and supporters over my entire tenure at

    Song - Wolves in Wolves Clothing by NOFX

    Live reveal with chat:

    2020 PD Year in Review:

Flickerform's time history for Crash Site Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
30 August 2020 Video NTSC
16 February 2020 Video NTSC
21 July 2019 Video NTSC
19 January 2019 Video NTSC
8 July 2015 Video NTSC
6 July 2015 Video NTSC
6 July 2015 None NTSC
6 July 2015 None NTSC
2 June 2015 Video NTSC
Unknown None NTSC
17 January 2011 Video NTSC

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