Air Force One Agent 0:52 by Mathieu de carufel

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  • Achieved: 9 December 2021
  • Posted: 9 December 2021 at 8:09 pm EST
  • System: NTSC
  • Points when achieved: 100
  • Rank: 1st (100 points)

Player's comments:
Cinema TT is irrel
Time your president when the message " we have to get you to the escape pod, follow me"

The president starts running at the very beginning of that message.

30.00 message pop = 42.7-42.8 boost pop.
Adjust if message pops little before or after.

My best consistency was with that strat.

Mathieu de carufel's time history for Air Force One Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
9 December 2021 Video NTSC
28 June 2020 Video NTSC
6 April 2020 Video NTSC
4 April 2020 Video NTSC
3 April 2020 Video NTSC

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