Surface 1 Agent 1:09 by Samuel Scholten

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  • Achieved: 23 April 2018
  • System: PAL
  • Rank: N/A - Samuel Scholten has improved this time
  • Player's comments:
    I wrote this:
    "I just spent 3 hours trying to lower my Surface 1 Agent 1:11 to 1:10, a time that is laughably slow when compared to literally anybody of any significance in any aspect of Earth in any way. My complete inability to achieve even the most rudimentary of achievements shows just how irredeemably incompetent I am at all aspects of my life. I missed the console, the easiest and most irrelevant part of the entire run 30 times in a row. Even making a concerted effort to take the console slow did not improve my ability to hit it. I am a fucking joke, not just at Goldeneye but at everything. I am completely worthless, I have no skills at anything, I'm am socially retarded and think I may legitimately be 70 IQ. They world expects, nay, demands that I find a way to produce economic value, but I'm such a fucking moronic retarded shithead that there is zero hope of me ever producing ANYTHING of value for any lasting period of time. Were I to have my Libertarian utopia I would be lying dead on the side of the road in a pool of urine until someone pays someone else to clean up my worthless pathetic corpse and toss it into a trash heap, where it belonged from the beginning. I should quit Goldeneye. I should quit everything. I should stop trying to achieve something because I never will. I should just sit motionless until God has the good graces to wipe my pathetic soul off the face of the Earth and send to me hell where I am destined to go. I am a stain on humanity."

    The very next run I got was this 1:09, so lemme just say this:

    "nvm lol"

Samuel Scholten's time history for Surface 1 Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
30 June 2020 Video NTSC-J
24 October 2018 Video NTSC-J
31 July 2018 Video NTSC-J
8 June 2018 None PAL
5 June 2018 None PAL
3 June 2018 None PAL
23 April 2018 None PAL
2 April 2018 None PAL
30 March 2018 None PAL
18 March 2018 None PAL
11 March 2018 None PAL

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