Depot Secret Agent 0:40 by Jonathan Hotinski

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  • Achieved: 26 November 2017
  • System: NTSC
  • Points when achieved: 97
  • Rank: 8th (90 points)
  • Player's comments:


    The Janus operations base in St. Petersburg is located in a disused
    military rail depot. From here the crime syndicate coordinates illegal arms deals, international terrorism and extortion.


    Quite a nest of vipers, 007 - do your best to disrupt the Janus
    operations. We'd be particularly interested if you could retrieve
    their blueprints for a modified version of the stealth helicopter,
    it seems they may be thinking of going into production. We also
    believe that Ourumov has taken Natalya to Trevelyan's converted
    missile train in the depot. You need to be on that train when it


    They've got a pretty sophisticated computer network hidden away
    somewhere in that depot, 007. Be a good chap and shut it down for
    them. Oh, and don't forget to blow up the Janus arms cache - I'm
    just sorry I can't be there myself to enjoy the fireworks.


    Don't miss your train, James.

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Date Achieved Time Video System
26 November 2017 Video NTSC
1 February 2017 Video NTSC
12 March 2015 Video NTSC
10 March 2015 None NTSC
2 November 2014 None NTSC
25 October 2014 None NTSC
26 September 2014 None NTSC
7 August 2014 None NTSC
7 August 2014 None NTSC
16 July 2014 None NTSC

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