All videos for Archives - Dark LTK

Difficulty:AgentSecret Agent00 AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Archives on the Dark LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:02Video 15 Jan 2021 NTSC David Klos run of my life (music vid)
1:05Video 7 Jan 2021 NTSC David Klos #Slayers
1:06Video 18 Jul 2017 NTSC Rayan I. Untied when set
1:06Video 31 Jan 2021 NTSC Adam Bozon I used a new first room strat which saves about 1.5-2 seconds compared to the old strat which is muc
1:07Video 4 Jan 2008 NTSC Rayan I. Untied when set Qwec mate can you stream video is a dupe
1:07Video 20 Jul 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga
1:07Video 24 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Charlie Yeudall i may have found the secret JOJ
1:07Video 29 Jan 2021 NTSC Adam Bozon I used the old strat but lured the guard out of Mishkin's room for better consistency and to get the
1:08Video 20 Mar 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B.
1:08Video 21 Nov 2016 NTSC Eric Liikala Skipped 1:09! Pretty much had the best run I could get without a mega grind! Proven TWR! Kappa
1:08Video 3 Dec 2016 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga choked ending + dupe that was very close
1:08Video 6 Jan 2020 NTSC Josh Schwarz
1:09Video 12 Aug 2008 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
1:09Video 24 Nov 2016 PAL Adam Bozon I used Icy's new strat. Decent run considering how little I've played Archives in the past.
1:10Video 22 Dec 2007 NTSC Ilari Pekkala Untied when set
1:10Video 11 Aug 2008 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
1:10Video 29 Jan 2010 PAL Axel Zakrisson I had 1:11 before this which used to be a tied WR (shared it with Henrik Norgren and Rayan Isran; Ac
1:10Video 22 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga good but 1:0x can happen :D
1:10Video 22 Nov 2014 NTSC Michael K. Stupidest. Forgot I had these. OOPS. There has to be a better way. I tried for sub-110 forever
1:11Video 15 Dec 2004 PAL Henrik Norgren Untied when set
1:11Video 8 Jul 2006 PAL Rayan I. TWR - HNRI
1:11Video 30 Jul 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson Tied WR when set. My first DLTK record.
1:11Video 21 Nov 2016 NTSC Eric Liikala Minor strat change by skipping the hidden door path. Kind of sloppy but hit my goal, so I'm conte
1:12Video 10 Apr 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:12Video 13 Jan 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B.
1:12Video 22 Dec 2020 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody did my good deed for the year
1:12Video 1 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Matthew Burden #FTP
1:12Video 11 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie Butler couldn't let colton keep that win on me
1:13Video 10 Apr 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:13Video 15 Jul 2008 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
1:13Video 21 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga gettin better
1:13Video 25 Jul 2019 NTSC Greg Larkin
1:13Video N/A NTSC Brandon Sanford
1:14Video 24 Dec 2007 PAL Adam Bozon
1:14Video 28 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody played good enough yet bad enough to pb
1:15Video 8 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody ( ´ ▽ ` )
1:15Video 2 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Colton Hinkle stelth
1:16Video 15 Jul 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson Estimated date. My first proven time and video.
1:16Video 3 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Aaron Budwal the walking guard by doak scared the crap outta me
1:16Video 1 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie Butler poggin
1:17Video 1 Nov 2007 NTSC Mark Briggs Actual video. Date in video.
1:18Video 19 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga lmao
1:18Video 9 Jan 2021 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay I thought this was going to be much harder to get, took only like 10-15 minutes. #DCC, +400 point
1:18Video N/A NTSC Ilari Pekkala
1:19Video 18 Nov 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala I had a few runs here I basically ran to Mishkin, but none ever panned out. Maybe now that I'm not a
1:19Video 5 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Troy N.
1:19Video 13 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Michael S. #BorisInvincibles
1:20Video 9 Sep 2013 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay
1:20Video 18 Sep 2018 NTSC Michael Lightbody might try to lower a few seconds.
1:20Video 16 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Simon L. #HotO
1:21Video 12 Dec 2015 PAL David Cliff First time I ever did this level it took me over two hours for a completion and I've just got this n
1:22Video 8 Feb 2004 PAL Wouter Jansen Untied when set
1:23Video 4 Dec 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
1:23Video 7 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Janne Pitkänen
1:25Video 14 Feb 2014 PAL Oliver Nicholls
1:25Video N/A PAL Matthew L.
1:26Video 16 Jul 2007 NTSC Patrik Nilsson
1:26Video 7 Jul 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez I paniced a little here but I finally beat Archives DLTK like the way most people do.
1:26Video 31 Jan 2017 NTSC David V. Easy in regards to GE DLTK.
1:26Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC Alka Maass
1:28Video 2 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Eric Tomillon
1:29Video 8 Jun 2018 NTSC Blake Carroll
1:30Video 9 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
1:32Video 25 Mar 2014 PAL David Cliff
1:32Video 18 Oct 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga
1:32Video 2 Aug 2021 PAL Tom Russell
1:35Video 2 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Chris Leon barely eeked out the klobber bop
1:36Video 24 Nov 2018 PAL Callum Anderson Strat: Order Completed: 1st DLTK Previous Completions: 1:40 no vid Points When Set: 66 (+66) Dif
1:37Video 14 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten
1:38Video 11 Jul 2021 NTSC Ben Burns 2.4 controls. First completion. Whole bunch of wasted hours on attempts and practice sessions becaus
1:40Video 7 Dec 2015 NTSC Devon Barnette
1:48Video 14 Jan 2021 NTSC-J H Ogden
1:51Video N/A Unknown Robert Shepherd
5:54Video 3 Apr 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
6:12Video 16 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson #DCC Safest strats imaginable
6:22Video 18 Jan 2015 NTSC Joshua Nash
7:11Video 8 May 2011 NTSC Lloyd Palmer
8:59Video 15 Jan 2015 NTSC Joshua Nash
9:28Video 19 Jun 2019 NTSC Sean Johnson I can do this so much faster. Everything went wrong in this run, but somehow after hours and hours i
23:10Video 23 Jan 2012 PAL Darwen Lane