All videos for Egypt - Dark LTK

Difficulty:AgentSecret Agent00 AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Egypt on the Dark LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:11/100Video 29 Mar 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. Beats Icy's WR by a second, without the frozen Baron glitch! Never got a frozen baron during the wee
1:12/100Video 10 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Eric Liikala EL Saghira
1:13/97Video 29 Mar 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. dupe, forgot to show stats first 1:13
1:14/97Video 24 Mar 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. bad last death cucked me out of wr
1:15/97Video 24 Mar 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. non frozen baron wr
1:16Video 19 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Rayan I. Untied when set
1:17Video 30 Dec 2020 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Frozen Baron glitch for the win! A little disappointed I missed the WR though.
1:18/95Video 23 Mar 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. about 7 seconds lost on second baron lol
1:19Video 26 Sep 2013 PAL Adam Bozon Untied when set
1:22Video 23 Dec 2007 NTSC Ilari Pekkala Untied when set
1:22/94Video 2 Jan 2024 NTSC-J Irie B. with choke death... #oenshotlegends
1:23Video 13 Nov 2016 NTSC Eric Liikala Amazing third Baron!
1:24Video 12 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. absolutely fucked lol. got 1:26 choking death then 2 runs later got 1:24 best death. if only I could
1:25Video 25 Nov 2005 NTSC Brandon Sanford Untied WR when set. Captured by Michael Kirkness in 2014.
1:25Video 17 Jul 2011 NTSC Axel Zakrisson Had 1:43, 1:36, 1:33, 1:32 and 1:28 before this. Tied 97-pointer when set.
1:25Video 14 Jan 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B.
1:25/92Video 5 Apr 2024 NTSC-J Sean Hurley In this session got first completion 1:39, then 1:32, then this. Hoping for a sub 120 but I am not
1:29Video 15 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Rayan I. worst last baron in the history of egypt dltk
1:30Video 16 Jan 2006 NTSC Ilari Pekkala
1:33Video 16 Apr 2010 NTSC Axel Zakrisson
1:33Video 6 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. 90 pointer! second complete barely eeked out the pb
1:34Video 23 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Janne Pitkänen
1:34Video 27 Dec 2021 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody all ltks back up to 80+
1:34Video 5 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. caked it! first complete. dedicated to Archy
1:34Video 5 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Austin H. Got this quicker than I expected. #HeadshotOlympics
1:35Video 29 Dec 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala Kind of a fun level. I should definitely improve this.
1:35Video 31 May 2020 NTSC Greg Larkin
1:35Video 1 Jan 2021 NTSC Josh Schwarz #FTP
1:35Video 18 Feb 2023 NTSC Sean Johnson
1:36Video 16 Jan 2009 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:37Video 23 May 2007 PAL Adam Bozon
1:37Video 10 Jan 2021 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay Agonizing grind. Hundreds of tries. Terrible uncooperative luck-based level, not recommended. Took m
1:37Video 13 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Troy N. accidentally posted this as cradle
1:38Video 27 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Simon L. #HotO
1:38/100Video N/A PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:43Video 24 May 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson First completion
1:43Video 13 Feb 2011 NTSC Eddie Lovins
1:43Video 25 May 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
1:43Video 6 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Blake Carroll
1:43Video 1 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Colton Hinkle pain
1:44Video 17 Feb 2023 NTSC Sean Johnson Gotta love that 9 second death animation
1:45Video 3 Oct 2019 NTSC Michael Lightbody sp00ky
1:45Video 4 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Craig McGrath
1:45/73Video 21 Oct 2023 PAL Blaze M.
1:46Video 20 Feb 2022 NTSC-J Cal Brabham
1:48Video 21 Apr 2022 NTSC Sean Johnson Weird run
1:49Video 10 Apr 2022 PAL Tom Russell
1:50Video 12 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga first completion
1:50Video 11 Apr 2017 NTSC-J David V. 3rd Baron is a nasty piece of work to deal with to say the least.
1:51Video 23 Feb 2014 PAL Henrik Norgren First try :p
1:52Video 5 Aug 2011 PAL Matthew L.
1:52Video 16 Feb 2014 PAL Oliver Nicholls
1:52Video 16 Feb 2014 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay
1:53Video 22 Oct 2007 NTSC Mark Briggs
1:55Video 22 Sep 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
1:57Video 16 Jul 2007 NTSC Patrik Nilsson
2:05Video N/A PAL Wouter Jansen
2:06Video 12 Feb 2023 PAL Blaze M.
2:11Video 11 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nick Rotmeyer
2:11/62Video 6 Jan 2024 PAL Karl M. My first GE DLTK completion. Got frustrated with the 2nd baron lure so I just went the intended way.
2:17Video 19 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Eric Tomillon #HotD
2:20Video 7 Aug 2022 NTSC-J Alka Maass I am surprised I got a completion so fast, less than 15 minutes of real attempts, I am also surprise
2:24/58Video 3 Jan 2024 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
2:28/56Video 12 Feb 2024 NTSC Alex S. F*ck this level
2:29Video 28 Feb 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson Thanks RagingClownfish for the strat! Wish we had known about this during LTK League...
2:30Video 10 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Michael S. #TheBorisInvincibles
2:40Video 24 Feb 2021 NTSC H Ogden Achieved using the 1.2 Control Style. I used a strategy I saw Manocheese use (which he apparently g
2:41Video 3 Sep 2022 NTSC Ben Burns 2.4 controls. Widescreen. First completion after I remembered to start recording. Manocheese / Silen
2:44Video 13 Apr 2014 PAL David Cliff
3:08Video 1 Aug 2021 PAL Tom Russell If it wasn't for the 2nd Baron Alive strategy, I would probably still be doing this level (or have g
3:37/54Video 3 Jan 2024 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland First completion. Terrifying level lol
4:11Video 2 May 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
4:56Video 8 May 2011 NTSC Lloyd Palmer