All videos for Facility - Dark LTK

Difficulty:AgentSecret Agent00 AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Facility on the Dark LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:25Video 17 Mar 2022 NTSC-J David Clemens Shout outs to Irie and Icy for some sick strat ideas before the A door. Still can go to around 1:20.
1:33Video 15 Mar 2022 NTSC-J David Clemens huge
1:35Video 15 Mar 2022 NTSC-J David Clemens Might go for lower, might not, idk. New strats but kinda sketch run. Had a 138 with worst doak as we
1:36Video 15 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. cant clutch the ending. dedicated to Tomi
1:38Video 29 Dec 2017 NTSC Marc Rützou Untied when set
1:38Video 15 Mar 2022 NTSC-J David Clemens TWR
1:38Video 3 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Troy N. funniest ending to a run in history, you can't make this shit up
1:41Video 12 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. wow the insane cakejob with Clem in voicechat. dedicated to Clem!
1:42Video 3 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Troy N. 2nd try ever
1:43Video 7 Oct 2009 PAL Marc Rützou bad doak Claimed 1:40 (04 November 2012) (
1:44Video 18 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Me and (then) Marc Rützou. With this, I reached 1st place in DLTK points!
1:46Video 10 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Josh Schwarz S tier level and strat #FTP
1:47Video 29 Jul 2008 NTSC Eddie Lovins Untied when set
1:48Video 5 Jan 2023 PAL Adam Bozon Crap final room and second best Doak position.
1:50Video 16 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Eric Liikala Invincibility unlocked.
1:50Video 25 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. caked!
1:52Video 31 May 2008 PAL Adam Bozon
1:55Video 10 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho poop
1:58Video 19 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Austin H. Pretty sloppy. #HeadshotOlympics
1:59Video 20 Jun 2022 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
2:02Video 16 Apr 2022 NTSC-J Simon L. sub-2 ultimate goal, messy stuff here even with all the babying
2:04Video 22 Jun 2006 PAL Rayan I. Untied when set
2:04Video 24 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Sean Johnson #HotD
2:05Video 29 Dec 2020 NTSC Josh Schwarz cheat unlocked
2:08Video 20 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
2:09Video 25 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Blake Carroll bad
2:13Video 3 Jan 2022 NTSC David Klos will improve later #BOZON
2:15Video 13 Oct 2019 NTSC-J Michael Lightbody oh, that was pretty fast
2:16Video 13 Jan 2016 NTSC-J Bryan B.
2:16Video 21 Oct 2017 PAL David Cliff Doak wasn't in the best place but was a good run 'til i messed up the tanks again, hope to improve.
2:22Video 17 Oct 2017 PAL David Cliff I'm pleased with this run but i want to improve it, i messed up, should of been one KF7 clip to take
2:25Video 1 Oct 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson 5 sec cut, good Doak
2:26Video 13 Nov 2016 NTSC-J Eric Liikala My first PR in 4 months! The rust is real. I got insanely lucky on this run where I had both a na
2:30Video 30 Jul 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:33Video 4 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Jakob Birkenes PauseChamps
2:37Video 7 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. labs lost time but was clutch
2:38Video 20 Oct 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
2:43Video 17 Jan 2006 NTSC Ilari Pekkala
2:45Video 19 Jun 2022 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
2:46Video 3 Dec 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
2:50Video 10 Apr 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:51Video 20 Feb 2004 PAL Ilari Pekkala Untied when set
2:51Video 14 Apr 2022 PAL Tom Russell 8th
2:52Video 21 Jul 2019 NTSC Greg Larkin
2:55Video 16 Jul 2007 NTSC Patrik Nilsson
2:55Video 8 May 2020 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten Guys I did it I saved last 24!! Dumb level. Worth 82 points when achieved.
2:59Video 30 Dec 2014 PAL David Cliff
3:00Video 4 Feb 2004 PAL Wouter Jansen Untied when set
3:01Video 3 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Aaron Budwal
3:01Video N/A PAL Axel Zakrisson
3:06Video 6 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Troy N.
3:06Video 7 Feb 2022 NTSC-J Cal Brabham
3:09Video 15 Sep 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez Really great run, but played it safe at the end! Beats my garbage 4:01 run.
3:10Video 24 Jan 2023 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay Bruh, I had at least 10 consecutive runs where Doak wasn't in any of the last 3 spots... Anyway,
3:16Video 3 Nov 2007 NTSC Mark Briggs
3:16Video 12 Nov 2014 NTSC Kyle Wiebenga first completion
3:16Video 7 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Janne Pitkänen
3:19Video 23 Jan 2021 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay 3rd try. Slow and safe with very slow beginning. With this time, I've checked 78/82 levels so far
3:20Video 3 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Irie B. caked. second completion
3:21Video 4 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Matthew Burden #FTP
3:22Video 9 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Eric Tomillon #HotD
3:26Video 20 Feb 2022 PAL Tom Russell Just bopping a couple of my fellow Invincibles for no particular reason
3:29Video 16 Mar 2008 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
3:31Video 27 Jun 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala Re-watching this is physically painful.
3:34Video 17 Apr 2017 NTSC-J David V. How shameful of me, I took a Jap Body Armor hit here. But alas, with beating this level, I'm 18/2
3:34Video 31 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Michael S. #BorisInvincibles +6 points
3:45Video 12 Nov 2019 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay 12th November 2019, 73 points when set (? Could have been 74). 1st try. Didn't post it because it
3:45Video 10 Jan 2021 NTSC-J H Ogden
3:52Video 15 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Simon L. #HotO
4:00Video 1 Aug 2021 PAL Tom Russell A hybrid of many strats I have seen for a reasonably easy and safe completion. The main issue was
4:01Video 3 Jul 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez Disappointed it wasn't a sub 4, but whatever. It didn't matter since I only got one point up for the
4:07Video 9 Oct 2007 PAL Adam Flint
4:10Video 31 Jan 2022 PAL Oskari Strandman end of the road #BorisInvincibles
4:19Video 25 Dec 2020 NTSC-J H Ogden Achieved 12/25/20 using 2.2 with cruise control.
4:29Video 5 Aug 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
4:44Video 17 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Alka Maass uses a very nice safe strat in which you can prevent the 4 guards from spawning by throwing a mine a
5:00Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Sean Johnson #DCC
5:10Video 5 Aug 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
5:14Video 1 Apr 2015 NTSC Alex Hernandez
5:17Video 18 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Michael S. #BorisInvincibles Really Doak?..... really?
5:18Video 20 Jan 2022 NTSC Eric Tomillon casual/very safe completion. took way longer than i thought it would
5:21Video 27 Jan 2023 NTSC-J Brian Rose raw:
6:20Video 15 Feb 2014 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay
6:36Video 4 Aug 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
7:01Video 31 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland Fourth completion. Not only sub-10, but almost sub-7!
7:41Video 19 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
7:56Video 27 Jun 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala Doaked
8:02Video 8 May 2014 PAL David Cliff
8:35Video 15 Feb 2014 PAL Oliver Nicholls
8:35Video 16 Feb 2014 PAL Oliver Nicholls
9:19Video 26 Mar 2014 NTSC Alex Hernandez
9:30Video 18 Nov 2015 NTSC Joshua Nash
10:21Video 31 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland Third completion.
11:04Video 26 Dec 2022 PAL Blaze M.
11:16Video 4 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
11:32Video 19 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
14:43Video N/A PAL Matthew L.
14:46Video 31 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
24:46Video 22 Jul 2008 PAL Darwen Lane
29:15Video 8 May 2011 NTSC Lloyd Palmer
38:27Video 31 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland First completion.