Kyod and Cocker's Perfect Dark LTK Times

dataDyne Central - Defection N/A N/A
dataDyne Research - Investigation N/A N/A
dataDyne Central - Extraction N/A N/A
Carrington Villa - Hostage One N/A N/A
Chicago - Stealth N/A N/A
G5 Building - Reconnaissance N/A N/A
Area 51 - Infiltration N/A N/A
Area 51 - Rescue N/A N/A
Area 51 - Escape N/A N/A
Air Base - Espionage N/A N/A
Air Force One - Antiterrorism N/A N/A
Crash Site - Confrontation N/A N/A
Pelagic II - Exploration N/A N/A
Deep Sea - Nullify Threat N/A N/A
Carrington Institute - Defense N/A N/A
Attack Ship - Covert Assault N/A N/A
Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine N/A N/A
Mr. Blonde's Revenge N/A N/A
Maian SOS N/A N/A
The Duel N/A N/A
Totals 0:00 (21) / 0 pts 0:00 (21) / 0 pts

Overall Combined Time: 0:00 (42) (N/A)

Overall Combined Points: 0 points (N/A)