All videos for Deep Sea - Nullify Threat - Perfect Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Deep Sea - Nullify Threat on the Perfect Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

2:59/100Video 23 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy Well, you've got me working so hard lately Working my hands until they bleed If I was twice the ma
2:59Video 3 May 2021 NTSC Alluring Fairy
3:00Video 2 May 2021 NTSC Alluring Fairy
3:01/100Video 4 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy Big thanks to everyone who has supported my progress so far in these games. Especially Randy, Ace, D
3:02/100Video 11 Dec 2016 NTSC jezz YES! 4 second untied!
3:02/100Video 9 Apr 2020 NTSC Perfect Ace Shoutouts to jezz for grinding the record to something very respectable JZPA raw: https://www.
3:02/100Video 9 Jun 2020 NTSC Lake Demon Mate Raw:
3:02/100Video 3 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy 8 minute session lmao
3:03/97Video 7 Apr 2020 NTSC Perfect Ace no open doors, otherwise very good run
3:03/94Video 1 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy not very ceemi of you elvis
3:04/95Video 8 Jun 2020 NTSC Lake Demon Don't choke
3:04/94Video 23 Jul 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy mate
3:05/97Video 9 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Flickerform 58 elvis, no open doors, super nervous and very clutch.
3:05/95Video 8 May 2020 NTSC Swiss
3:05/95Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC Lake Demon
3:06/100Video 20 Jan 2013 PAL Funky Buddha
3:06/100Video 26 Jul 2016 PAL Karl Jobst
3:06/95Video 7 Apr 2020 NTSC Perfect Ace slow elvis, rest was decent
3:06/93Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Lake Demon 3:01 pace :( First run of the day
3:06/92Video 20 Jul 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy what 1:01 elvis, i just went fucking sicko mode i guess
3:06/91Video 25 Nov 2020 NTSC-J BK #Amalgamates This level man... this fucking level. 1:02(ish) elvis, 3:06.88
3:07/100Video 10 Sep 2010 NTSC CEDRIC
3:07/100Video 15 Jan 2013 PAL Funky Buddha
3:07/90Video 19 Jul 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy this run makes me want to suck cum off of an unvacuumed carpet but at least its a pb
3:08/89Video 30 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy warmup run lol
3:09/97Video 15 Jan 2013 PAL Funky Buddha
3:09/95Video 24 Jul 2015 NTSC Big Bossman Bad Elvis leave and missed FS shot and still this.
3:09/92Video 12 Feb 2020 NTSC Lake Demon Even worse then the 310
3:09/89Video 26 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy very clutch run, very troll ending. Think i actually would of preferred dying.
3:09/87Video 19 Jul 2021 NTSC Taka
3:10/100Video 4 Apr 2008 PAL Red Bull
3:10Video 17 Mar 2011 NTSC Illu
3:10/95Video 23 Jun 2013 NTSC Perfect Ace
3:10Video 7 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Flickerform
3:10/91Video 21 May 2019 PAL Greg K. 57 elvis, choked it completely
3:11/83Video 25 Jul 2020 NTSC-J BK #TeamTurnip Achieved after having a 3:16.01, a 3:15.01, and a 1:01 elvis with 2 open doors death
3:11/83Video 12 Oct 2020 NTSC Taka
3:12/89Video 20 Aug 2017 NTSC Greenounet
3:12Video 29 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Flickerform
3:12/88Video 16 May 2019 PAL Greg K.
3:12/85Video 17 Apr 2020 NTSC Kev B. Not quite the holy grail I was looking for, more of a paper cup
3:12/82Video 26 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood Use the karate chop action
3:13/94Video 2 Jan 2013 PAL Funky Buddha
3:13/82Video 8 May 2020 PAL Ose this is a jungle tekno type run
3:14/100Video 15 Jun 2005 NTSC Big Bossman Time was untied when set. Video is original using VCR.
3:14/92Video 7 Nov 2014 PAL Otto Oksman Meh. Duped this three times.
3:14/87Video 12 May 2019 PAL Greg K. very sloppy
3:14/86Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC Lake Demon LK, 16/20
3:14/81Video 6 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood Missed the Strandman by a hair
3:15/87Video 19 Jan 2019 NTSC Flickerform I wonder who else is out there...
3:15/79Video 23 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy worst midsection ever, what a choke
3:16Video 13 Jul 2009 NTSC Taka
3:16/91Video 2 Nov 2014 PAL Otto Oksman
3:16/87Video 23 Mar 2018 NTSC-J Icy Pretty good for pause buffering the start! 1:06ish Elvis, some botchy FS shots, an excellent Blonde
3:16/84Video 30 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Dr. Light got all relevant levels to at least 80 points
3:16Video N/A PAL Perfect Ace
3:17/90Video 11 Dec 2013 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:17/77Video 22 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy literally addicted
3:17/76Video 23 Jul 2020 NTSC-J BK #TeamTurnip I really want lower but I'm just so awful at every part of this 3:17.38
3:17/76Video 17 Mar 2021 NTSC Paracusia incredible
3:18/91Video 21 Dec 2012 NTSC Carathorn whooooo
3:18/86Video 6 Sep 2017 NTSC-J Flickerform .75; 1:09 elvis again :/
3:18/82Video 27 Feb 2020 NTSC-J ThaRixer LOOOL I didn't get hit at the end??
3:18/76Video 16 Mar 2021 NTSC Paracusia if U watchj this run U will be foreverr currsed,,,
3:19/100Video 20 May 2004 NTSC Your Eliteness
3:20/100Video 28 Jan 2004 PAL Funky Buddha
3:20Video 26 Feb 2007 NTSC Greg K.
3:20/80Video 11 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood
3:20/77Video 24 Apr 2020 PAL Ose
3:21/87Video 8 Dec 2013 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:21/86Video 16 May 2015 PAL Greenounet
3:21/86Video 12 Jul 2015 NTSC MouserScribe Lost 3:20 or less at the end, there was a lot of lag and I should have just delayed the inputs more.
3:21/83Video 4 Sep 2017 NTSC-J Flickerform decent run, still a bit messy in the farsight section 105 elvis
3:21/80Video 9 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Kev B. "80 points should be free for you" - Gus a few hours ago in Irie's chat
3:22/80Video 31 Mar 2019 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
3:22/72Video 14 Mar 2021 NTSC Paracusia getting there
3:22/71Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:23/76Video 5 Oct 2019 NTSC Dr. Light big poopoo
3:23/72Video 22 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy bopping team captain on PA be like #teamturnip
3:24/100Video 24 Jul 2003 NTSC Big Bossman
3:24/72Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC BK #TeamTurnip Clutched my fastest ever elvis! Had an open door at the end too 3:23.98
3:24/71Video 13 Feb 2021 NTSC Perna I hate everything
3:25/79Video 3 Apr 2019 NTSC ThaRixer wow insane 4 point gain
3:25/70Video 23 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. shameful pr
3:26/69Video 7 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Goldenvinze
3:26/68Video 22 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. Elvis is a cunt
3:27/66Video 14 Mar 2021 NTSC Paracusia sry for posting cring
3:28Video 15 Jul 2007 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:28/82Video 3 Jun 2016 NTSC Icy This run features: -Pause buffering -.03 decimal, low like all my Deep Sea runs -Going down the d
3:28/78Video 27 Jul 2018 NTSC Lake Demon #ThirdEchelon
3:28/78Video 28 Jul 2018 NTSC punjab Elvis you dubious dubious ass hole you
3:28/78Video 28 Mar 2019 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
3:29/100Video 3 Feb 2001 NTSC ParagonX9 Untied when set
3:29/82Video 12 Apr 2016 PAL Axel Z sup Icy .35 sub 42:00 PA time (41:57). Overall fairly clean with no major mistakes, but end
3:29/75Video 29 Mar 2019 NTSC ThaRixer
3:29/74Video 9 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood Luckiest ending in Deep Sea PA history
3:30Video 6 Jan 2008 NTSC Wouter Jansen
3:30/63Video 22 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. can't get a clean start ever
3:30/62Video 14 Mar 2021 NTSC Paracusia 1st completion, also full timespage
3:30/60Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC Taber #kringe
3:31/73Video 28 Mar 2019 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
3:31/63Video 7 Jun 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy 1:07 elvis, which means this time is pretty bad considering but the run was REALLY troll. lots of st
3:31/61Video 31 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna Post league begins Goal is top 25 no pal by the end of 2020. Let's make it happen!
3:31/60Video 30 Mar 2021 NTSC-J nv
3:32/65Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC BK #TeamTurnip ZERO POINT GAIN LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO
3:33Video 4 Apr 2008 Unknown Carathorn
3:33/74Video 8 Feb 2018 PAL speedruntrainer
3:33/65Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC BK #TeamTurnip This level is a category 5 bruh moment
3:33/57Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC-J Antler
3:33Video N/A NTSC TreAKAHotdog
3:34/61Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Banz
3:34/55Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC Hot Coldman Nice one Pauli.
3:34/54Video 9 Jul 2021 PAL Deep Darkness Bad level. 2h of bullshit, could have been worse. Surprised I PRd with an 1:19 Elvis. Also, surpr
3:35/58Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Dildonius
3:36/75Video 11 Jul 2015 PAL Deep Darkness
3:36/60Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC BK #TeamTurnip DeepDarkness tie
3:36/57Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. I don't completely hate this time
3:37Video 5 Feb 2011 NTSC Zezinho
3:37/75Video 29 Sep 2014 PAL Axel Z Passed Lec in time to 21st; this level can be a bit troll, but I probably like it more than A/SA. No
3:37/74Video 20 Jun 2015 NTSC Icy
3:37/63Video 9 Jun 2019 NTSC Kev B. breaking
3:37/62Video 23 Jun 2019 NTSC Dr. Light daily doubles get me off
3:38/60Video 3 Apr 2019 NTSC Dildonius
3:38/53Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Banz
3:38/47Video 30 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna Last pb for league 2020 638 -> 3273 Points 109th -> 34th Rank Special thanks to Yendis
3:38Video N/A NTSC JugadorJ3
3:39/100Video 14 Jan 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
3:39/68Video 10 Jan 2015 NTSC speedruntrainer
3:39/54Video 20 Jun 2019 NTSC MadmanFlechr Well now I've got a bad taste in my mouth but I dislike this level so it's whatever. #KeenU Shout
3:39/40Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC Taber Monthly +1 #kringe
3:40Video 2 Apr 2004 PAL Goldenvinze
3:40/42Video 28 Jun 2020 NTSC Perna #League2020
3:42/64Video 8 Nov 2014 NTSC MouserScribe
3:43/54Video 29 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood I'm quite bad at this
3:43/40Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy impossible level
3:43/37Video 13 Jun 2021 NTSC Taber Slightly less terrible Xela shot attempt #kringe
3:44/61Video 1 Feb 2015 NTSC Greenounet
3:44/44Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC JDBlack21 how did I survive the ending lmao #OSHS
3:44/41Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. reee
3:44/37Video 12 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Antler
3:45/63Video 29 Sep 2014 PAL Axel Z
3:45/37Video 15 Jun 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:46/51Video 28 Feb 2019 NTSC ThaRixer Not on meth
3:46/39Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. level is actually fun after the shotgun guards
3:46/35Video 25 Jun 2020 NTSC Perna Not much to say besides alka bop #League2020
3:47Video 18 Jan 2011 NTSC Zezinho
3:47/59Video 29 Sep 2014 PAL Axel Z
3:47/50Video 25 Oct 2018 NTSC-J ♡ Madoka ♡
3:47/43Video 9 Oct 2019 NTSC BK After 10+ hours of playing this level on PAL I got a 4:10. Switched to ntsc and got this in an hour.
3:47/33Video 16 Feb 2021 NTSC-J pogopope i..have no words.
3:47Video N/A NTSC DavidK5
3:49/48Video 3 Feb 2018 NTSC Alka Maass maccas stryker
3:49/46Video 29 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood SUB 4! PB by 6 seconds. I still accidentally took his Farsight when I was letting him into the 2nd O
3:49/36Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Wodahs-Reklaw
3:49/31Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Antler
3:50/54Video 4 Nov 2014 PAL speedruntrainer
3:50/46Video 27 Jul 2018 NTSC punjab Team[Buy The Dip]
3:51/55Video 26 Oct 2013 PAL Axel Z
3:51/52Video 8 Nov 2014 PAL Greenounet
3:51/39Video 19 Jun 2019 NTSC MadmanFlechr What a level this is #KeenU Dedicated to Meme God: MrPauliwood Worth 39 points when achieved.
3:51/27Video 7 Jun 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:52/29Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. better, lost a few seconds having to reload the farsight
3:52/22Video 13 Jun 2021 NTSC Taber Went for the Xela shot but failed it horribly. I think it still counts for the monthly tho right?
3:53/100Video 11 Oct 2000 NTSC ParagonX9
3:54/20Video 11 Mar 2021 NTSC Taber Shoutouts to Whiteted for the very useful practice rom, and to Yendis for telling me that shotguns o
3:56/14Video 9 Jul 2021 NTSC Canovah gross monthly +2
3:57/18Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC KfP For how long this took I'm ashamed of how shit it is but whatever 4thabois #SSS
3:58/20Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Yendis Group Therapy, daily bonus, used the shotgun on canister strat.
3:59/10Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC-J wishiwasfamous Points.
4:00Video 9 Aug 2000 NTSC Marshmallow Untied when set
4:00/35Video 19 Oct 2014 PAL speedruntrainer Passed Chuck L and ERayz in point ranks to 36th Passed Emizkit, fadarkue, Humma, Marshmallow and
4:00/24Video 26 Jan 2019 NTSC ThaRixer I'm sorry you have to verify this MW
4:01/33Video 26 Oct 2013 PAL Axel Z
4:01/5Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy shoutouts to the 4:32 no hit end
4:02Video 31 Jul 2005 Unknown Illu
4:03/7Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. yikes
4:04/3Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC-J Antler First completion. Literally waited over 30 seconds for Elvis, but seemed like a decent run otherwise
4:06/30Video 26 Oct 2013 PAL Axel Z
4:06/20Video 5 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Pauliwood
4:06/1Video 4 Jun 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
4:07/19Video 3 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Sam Fisher
4:09/19Video 6 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
4:13/17Video 18 May 2013 PAL Axel Z
4:16Video 19 Jun 2016 NTSC-J Icy Safe in the sea.
4:18Video N/A NTSC Sucram
4:38/0Video 23 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
4:42/0Video 3 Mar 2020 PAL Sere
4:46/0Video 18 Aug 2014 PAL Adam Miller
4:49Video 23 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
5:02/0Video 5 Jun 2020 NTSC ghostbus
5:20/0Video 29 Feb 2020 NTSC-J Sere
5:22/0Video 31 Aug 2020 NTSC Cal Passed 17 players in time ranks to 245th
5:24/0Video 12 Apr 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
5:55/0Video 2 Aug 2016 PAL David Cliff this is messy i will try and improve at some point for now I'm just trying to get vids for all my PD
6:02/0Video 8 Feb 2018 PAL MSaint not a WR pace
6:17Video 20 Jan 2011 NTSC Flickerform
6:17Video 14 May 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr Waited at the end because I wanted my times to be nice and pretty. But of course, SA is harder to do
6:47/0Video 23 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Sere
6:55/0Video 14 Feb 2020 NTSC-J Mr. Blonde
7:02/0Video 12 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere
7:20/0Video 18 May 2020 NTSC karmamachine
8:50/0Video 11 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere
12:18/0Video 4 Oct 2018 NTSC Retrix Fox