All videos for Area 51 - Infiltration - LTK

Difficulty:AgentSpecial AgentPerfect AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Area 51 - Infiltration on the LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:47Video 8 Mar 2021 NTSC Pauliwood PWR
1:50Video 26 Feb 2021 NTSC Pauliwood PWR More and more, first 39:XX total LTK time
2:05Video 23 Feb 2021 NTSC Pauliwood PWR Sub 2 is coming when I can do a proper ending
2:07Video 5 May 2021 NTSC Icy Sub 42:00 LTK Difficulty Time Got this in 15 minutes, which is nice. The minefield clip skipping
2:13Video 23 Feb 2021 NTSC Pauliwood PWR Progress though I still get lost in da sauce
2:27Video 22 Feb 2021 NTSC Pauliwood PWR Supremely scuffed but a Proof of Concept run nonetheless, sub 210 will be good
2:36Video 9 Nov 2020 NTSC Pauliwood PWR Was attempting highly unethical strategies (Bozoning) but managed to get this after swapping
2:38Video 5 Nov 2019 NTSC Lake Demon
2:41Video 5 Dec 2016 NTSC Big Bossman
2:46Video 10 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Flickerform untied WR when set
2:46Video 29 Mar 2019 NTSC-J Lake Demon Lost a 2:38 paced run to the last guard
2:54Video 10 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Flickerform
2:58Video 12 Jul 2013 NTSC Big Bossman nesquik
2:58Video 9 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Flickerform 2:57.93 round up BULLSHIT
3:00Video 11 Jun 2017 NTSC Icy One of my last 2014 times down the drain. This only took another 10 minutes, but that's not surpr
3:05Video 6 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Flickerform
3:05Video 11 Jun 2019 NTSC Pauliwood Pleased for now
3:07Video 14 Nov 2020 NTSC Taka
4:05Video 21 Aug 2019 NTSC Dr. Light one more
4:12Video 21 Aug 2014 NTSC Icy One of my oldest PD LTK times that I never bothered to revisit. I'll do it eventually, even if it's
4:13Video 11 Jun 2019 NTSC Pauliwood Very mistake laden, the path to sub 3 is pretty clear though, very fun LTK level
4:43Video 29 Jun 2017 NTSC Axel Z Pretty fun. Could lower this still.
4:45Video 22 May 2015 NTSC Flickerform
4:48Video 30 Jan 2013 NTSC chuck best is 3:11 but no video
5:00Video 3 Jan 2021 PAL Deep Darkness This was considerably easier to PR at than DLTK. #DCC, +400 points.
5:07Video 23 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood Lil stroll in the park
5:09Video 3 Jan 2021 NTSC Dildonius
5:24Video 3 Sep 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
5:38Video 24 Jun 2015 NTSC-J dUGG 2nd completion. Time shave.
5:38Video 8 Jul 2015 NTSC Axel Z Safe run, but much better than first completion.
6:01Video 12 Jan 2021 NTSC Sam Fisher
6:03Video 30 Jan 2013 NTSC chuck
6:27Video 10 May 2017 Unknown Sam Fisher Only Attack Ship left on LTK.
6:44Video 29 Aug 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
7:05Video 11 Feb 2015 NTSC Flickerform
7:21Video 31 Jul 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
8:05Video 20 Feb 2021 NTSC Perna Homemade OOB route for the win kippa
9:21Video 19 Dec 2017 PAL David Cliff My Rare LTK score is now at 57/82 Achieved live on 19-12-17 16th person to complete
9:30Video 13 Jan 2021 NTSC Banz session:
10:14Video 2 Jan 2015 NTSC Flickerform fun level kappa
11:26Video 30 Jan 2013 NTSC chuck
14:01Video 30 Apr 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
16:46Video 6 Jun 2015 NTSC-J dUGG
17:29Video 4 Mar 2015 NTSC Quirky