All videos for Carrington Villa - Hostage One - Perfect Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Carrington Villa - Hostage One on the Perfect Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:22/100Video 17 Jun 2016 NTSC True Faith Untied when set
1:22/100Video 5 Dec 2019 NTSC Perfect Ace Project 2020
1:22/100Video 22 Oct 2020 NTSC BK #Amalgamates New strat! By using the stair clip at the beginning of the run you can save about 3-
1:23Video 15 Oct 2020 NTSC BK
1:24/100Video 15 Jun 2016 NTSC Perfect Ace
1:24/94Video 13 Mar 2021 NTSC Alluring Fairy "All the garrisons are presently at full strength. Except, perhaps, the Deathshead Legion at Fo
1:26Video 3 Jun 2016 NTSC True Faith Untied when set
1:26/100Video 15 Jun 2016 NTSC Perfect Ace
1:27/100Video 18 Jul 2015 NTSC Big Bossman Untied WR when set. Solid 1:06 basement door, but completely fell apart afterwards. This was my best
1:27/95Video 12 May 2020 NTSC Illu .8 ish timesaver for the beinning, might been known but overlooked, pretty obvious. From 1:31, ha
1:27Video 9 Oct 2020 NTSC BK
1:28/100Video 7 Aug 2013 NTSC Perfect Ace
1:28/100Video 4 Jul 2015 NTSC Big Bossman This time makes 58/63 WRs at some point on this game. Dishwasher strat! Vid was recorded using DVR.
1:28/92Video 12 Mar 2021 NTSC Alluring Fairy "Sure. We're citizens. We don't have much choice, do we?"
1:29/100Video 29 Sep 2009 NTSC True Faith Untied when set 1:29.0
1:29/100Video 4 Jun 2013 NTSC CEDRIC
1:29/100Video 18 Jul 2013 NTSC Perfect Ace
1:29/93Video 31 May 2020 NTSC BK Only real timeloss was a slow dishwarp, other than that this run was amazing. And of course it's
1:29/93Video 9 Jul 2020 NTSC Lake Demon bah
1:29/91Video 18 Jun 2021 NTSC-J FALL
1:30/97Video 27 May 2013 NTSC CEDRIC
1:30/93Video 18 Aug 2016 NTSC Karl Jobst
1:30/92Video 30 May 2020 NTSC BK Wow I clutched the ending!!! ...on a run where I lost 2-3 seconds to the start
1:30/90Video 22 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood This took way longer to do than I initially expected, can be irritating to get everything to work ri
1:30/90Video 14 Nov 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy absolutely insane scam
1:30/90Video 30 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. insane
1:31/100Video 30 May 2009 NTSC True Faith Untied when set
1:31/95Video 16 Jul 2013 NTSC Perfect Ace
1:31/92Video 24 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Dr. Light seeya taka, up with the big boys
1:31/92Video 26 Apr 2020 NTSC Kev B. A redemption story.
1:31/91Video 29 May 2020 NTSC BK This run proves that I am physically incapable of doing a good basement.
1:32/100Video 13 Aug 2007 PAL Perfect Ace
1:32/97Video 21 Jul 2012 NTSC Taka
1:32/93Video 30 Jun 2015 PAL Dark Inkosi
1:32/92Video 3 Nov 2016 NTSC Greenounet 5800 pts Villa leaderboard Top 5 rare time !
1:32/89Video 29 May 2020 NTSC BK I will never clutch an ending, will I?
1:32/85Video 30 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. cringe ending
1:33/100Video 14 Nov 2004 NTSC Wouter Jansen
1:33Video 12 Apr 2011 NTSC CEDRIC
1:33/86Video 29 May 2020 NTSC BK only watch this if you want to experience second-hand embarrassment
1:33/83Video 15 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood Got this last week, uploading to hopefully change my luck as this level has turned out to be very fr
1:33/82Video 21 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. scuffed
1:34Video 24 Oct 2008 NTSC Red Bull
1:34/85Video 29 May 2020 NTSC BK Get drafted by me and see what happens
1:34/82Video 7 Aug 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood Learning to wash the dishes, did a baby basement for the cheap PR before bed
1:34/81Video 28 Oct 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy
1:34/81Video 20 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr.
1:35/100Video 9 May 2004 NTSC Your Eliteness
1:35Video 17 May 2005 NTSC Big Bossman Video is original using VCR.
1:35/91Video 23 May 2014 NTSC Otto Oksman Cam video. Sorry about that.
1:35/87Video 26 Jan 2019 NTSC punjab This time is rated BAKED! For runner was high as fuck at time this was achieved
1:35/87Video 7 Nov 2019 NTSC Lake Demon 112 basement door, no warp
1:36Video 27 Nov 2002 PAL Karl Jobst
1:36/77Video 27 Oct 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy zzz
1:37/88Video 18 Apr 2014 NTSC Otto Oksman
1:37/86Video 15 Jun 2016 NTSC Swiss
1:37/84Video 14 Apr 2019 NTSC Lake Demon This run is so irrel I forgot to post it last week when i got it
1:37/84Video 16 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood The Ottoman Empire has fallen
1:37/83Video 18 Mar 2020 NTSC Kev B. looooooooooool
1:37/77Video 16 Dec 2020 NTSC Perna Good enough for me
1:38/88Video 13 Apr 2014 NTSC Otto Oksman
1:38/86Video 5 Jun 2016 NTSC Wodahs-Reklaw first completion
1:38/84Video 25 Aug 2017 NTSC-J Flickerform Agent Dark Mission Log, 1846 Hours. Last night we got a call from Cassandra de Vries. A dataDyne tea
1:38/84Video 30 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Lake Demon No warp, choked the basement #ThirdEchelon
1:38/84Video 2 Sep 2018 NTSC Kev B. Dishwarper #tbp
1:39Video 23 Dec 2009 NTSC CEDRIC
1:39/87Video 14 May 2015 NTSC Illu was trying dishwasher but not this run
1:39/86Video 11 Jul 2015 PAL Deep Darkness
1:39/86Video 15 Jul 2015 NTSC Axel Z Tied Swedish record when set. Passed Discombobulator in point ranks to 18th (again). Achieved
1:39/87Video 1 Aug 2015 NTSC Greenounet top 10 PA points
1:40/81Video 12 Apr 2016 NTSC Icy Best fail was 1:39, so I'm VERY happy with this on such a chaotic level! Lots of rel bops and around
1:40/76Video 26 Aug 2018 NTSC punjab Punjabie is HOT!
1:40/67Video 26 Jun 2020 NTSC Dildonius
1:40/66Video 4 Nov 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. reee
1:41Video 3 Dec 2004 NTSC Lec achieved within 10 minutes
1:41Video 14 May 2007 NTSC Otto Oksman
1:41/72Video 30 Nov 2017 PAL speedruntrainer
1:41/68Video 5 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood Hi #Part11
1:41/68Video 7 Jun 2019 NTSC MadmanFlechr Pauli *very* narrowly avoiding the bop once again. #KeenU Dedicated to Meme God: thathotcoldman
1:42/100Video 16 Mar 2002 PAL Dark Avenger
1:42Video 26 Jul 2003 NTSC KillerSim7
1:42/79Video 17 Oct 2014 NTSC DavidK5
1:42/64Video 26 Oct 2018 NTSC Antler #ThirdEchelon
1:42/59Video 15 Feb 2020 NTSC FOrk some pbs just don't make you feel like you accomplished anything, you know?
1:43/77Video 25 Jul 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
1:43/77Video 4 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z Nice. The basement on this run was below average, however.
1:43/76Video 26 Jan 2015 NTSC Greenounet
1:43/75Video 29 Jun 2015 NTSC MouserScribe Yeah it'll do, maybe. I can get 139 if I tried. I don't want to try.
1:43/69Video 30 Nov 2016 NTSC SGT RAGEQUIT new controller isn't quite broken in yet
1:44Video 30 Jul 2002 PAL ShadowZero
1:44Video 29 Feb 2008 NTSC Carathorn
1:44Video 19 Jul 2008 NTSC HBloomz
1:44Video 20 Feb 2011 NTSC Zezinho
1:44/75Video 1 Mar 2014 NTSC Dark Slayer Comeback PR after a 7-year long break.
1:45/100Video 14 Oct 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
1:45Video 26 Jul 2003 NTSC Your Eliteness
1:45/63Video 19 May 2015 NTSC Eise S.
1:45/62Video 11 Jun 2015 NTSC Icy
1:45/55Video 13 Jun 2018 NTSC Lake Demon
1:46Video 1 May 2005 NTSC Dark Slayer Original 1:46 wasn't taped, this is a dupe.
1:46/59Video 3 Feb 2015 NTSC Flickerform
1:46/40Video 28 Jun 2019 NTSC Dildonius
1:46/33Video 12 Apr 2021 NTSC Hot Coldman SDES
1:46/26Video 19 Jul 2021 NTSC Taber The run that refused to die #kringe
1:47/100Video 28 Jun 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
1:47/59Video 4 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z
1:47/49Video 15 Sep 2016 NTSC SGT RAGEQUIT
1:47/30Video 13 Feb 2021 NTSC pogopope dupe
1:47/26Video 22 Jun 2021 NTSC Shiva How absolutely thoughtless of me to interrupt the guards as they were practicing for the Special Oly
1:48/55Video 24 Jul 2013 PAL Deep Darkness 1:45/1:46 pace... Still too bad. I'll upload the video today, if possible.
1:48/51Video 1 Feb 2015 NTSC Flickerform some crappy guard blockage.. still want better
1:48/50Video 14 Feb 2015 NTSC speedruntrainer
1:48/32Video 28 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Eliminator Jr. big trash
1:48/27Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC Sam Fisher #ProjectB
1:49Video 26 Jan 2001 NTSC xXDarkLightXx
1:49Video 14 Sep 2003 NTSC Jimbo
1:49Video 3 Feb 2004 PAL Psycho
1:49Video 28 Dec 2010 NTSC Zezinho
1:49/54Video 24 Apr 2013 NTSC Axel Z
1:50Video 1 Aug 2005 NTSC Illu
1:50/48Video 3 Aug 2014 NTSC speedruntrainer
1:50/16Video 12 Feb 2021 NTSC Paracusia 1st completion
1:50Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
1:51/17Video 11 Jun 2020 PAL Ose carpal tunnel #SSS
1:51/12Video 30 Jun 2020 NTSC Banz Bops: Happens (1:54)
1:51/10Video 25 Feb 2021 NTSC Taber
1:51/9Video 12 Jun 2021 NTSC Canovah weekly
1:51/7Video 22 Jun 2021 NTSC Shiva
1:51Video N/A PAL DarkAko
1:52/13Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC LQwerty see how this speedrunner got MINORLY INFURIATED by playing only ONE LEVEL #OSHS
1:52Video N/A NTSC xXDarkLightXx
1:53/13Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy impossible level
1:53/9Video 22 Jun 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman Quick one for the weekly.
1:54/37Video 1 Feb 2015 NTSC Flickerform fun! i want to improve
1:54/28Video 23 Jan 2017 NTSC Sgrieve
1:54/22Video 14 Sep 2018 NTSC Sam Fisher
1:54/8Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC Happens Bad run, daily bonus. #CanaryCoalition
1:54/8Video 15 Jun 2020 NTSC Banz
1:54/4Video 18 Jul 2020 NTSC Yendis Weekly +50, Lets play villa PA. Had many 80+ pts paces but one thing always went wrong, will def go
1:55/100Video 30 Sep 2000 NTSC ParagonX9
1:55Video 27 Jan 2010 PAL speedruntrainer
1:55/19Video 10 Sep 2018 NTSC Sam Fisher
1:55/7Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
1:55/7Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC wishiwasfamous 1:56 is pointless. Yay time cuts. Top 100 in time ranks again!
1:56/18Video 11 Jul 2018 NTSC Alka Maass just as shit as my agent time #ThirdEchelon
1:58Video 24 Dec 2000 NTSC ExpertGamer
1:58/2Video 11 Jun 2020 NTSC Banz
1:59Video 1 Sep 2000 NTSC Marshmallow
1:59Video 28 Jan 2004 PAL Psycho
1:59Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
1:59Video N/A NTSC Dark Wrath
2:00/14Video 23 Jan 2017 NTSC Sgrieve
2:01/11Video 22 Jan 2017 NTSC Sgrieve
2:06Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
2:08/0Video 29 Aug 2020 PAL Cal Passed 12 players in time ranks to 322nd
2:09Video 24 Feb 2006 PAL Gragz
2:18/0Video 3 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
2:43Video N/A NTSC Bass Boost
3:34/0Video 3 May 2014 PAL Adam Miller Not great. Missed the first hacker and ran out of ammo at the last guard.
3:47/0Video 27 May 2020 NTSC ghostbus
3:50Video 26 Dec 2005 PAL David Cliff
3:50Video 22 Apr 2021 NTSC-J Icy For the systems rankings.
3:57/0Video 20 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Sere
4:06/0Video 27 Mar 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
4:18/0Video 17 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere
4:31/0Video 6 Feb 2021 NTSC Seanjohn
4:56/0Video 19 Jan 2019 NTSC-J MadmanFlechr The first Part 11 PB to fall... Dedicated to Meme God: Wally183
5:28/0Video 6 Dec 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr LUL #Part11
6:30/0Video 17 Jul 2020 NTSC Seanjohn
6:42/0Video 7 Feb 2020 NTSC-J Mr. Blonde
6:59/0Video 31 Jul 2019 NTSC Sere
7:50/0Video 17 Aug 2021 PAL SSJ2Luigi
8:50/0Video 19 Feb 2020 NTSC-J TheIrishBub
10:34Video 4 May 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr Yeah so about 5 minutes of this is running around looking for the hackers.
11:36/0Video 2 Sep 2018 NTSC Retrix Fox