All videos for Air Force One - Antiterrorism - Dark LTK

Difficulty:AgentSpecial AgentPerfect AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Air Force One - Antiterrorism on the Dark LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:20Video 22 Nov 2018 NTSC-J Flickerform raw:
1:21Video 12 Dec 2016 NTSC-J Flickerform raw:
1:22Video 15 Dec 2015 NTSC Flickerform untied WR when set raw:
1:22Video 28 Nov 2016 NTSC-J Big Bossman I used JAP only because it made shooting the right Blonde guard a little easier.
1:22Video 3 May 2021 NTSC-J Icy Good run! Better late than never!
1:23Video 12 Jun 2015 NTSC Flickerform ties my own SA time lol
1:23Video 13 Jun 2015 NTSC Icy I stopped the WR chase with Flicker with this time. I think I tried a little bit
1:24Video 10 Jun 2015 NTSC Flickerform
1:24Video 10 Jun 2015 NTSC Icy
1:25Video 28 May 2015 NTSC Axel Z Untied WR when set. Also had 1:27 as a Tied WR and then 1:26 before this.
1:25Video 1 Jun 2015 NTSC Icy
1:25Video 10 Jun 2015 NTSC Flickerform
1:25Video 23 Nov 2020 NTSC-J Pauliwood
1:26Video 28 May 2015 NTSC Axel Z Untied when set
1:26Video 27 Jul 2019 NTSC Dr. Light i think that right Mr. Blonde might be my most hated guard in the game
1:27Video 9 Oct 2012 NTSC Illu Untied when set
1:27Video 28 May 2015 NTSC Axel Z TWR - IPAZ
1:27Video 20 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood Sure
1:30Video 15 Feb 2014 NTSC Big Bossman
1:30Video 7 Jan 2015 NTSC Icy
1:31Video 15 Apr 2007 NTSC Mg Untied when set
1:31Video 3 Jan 2015 NTSC Flickerform
1:33Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC Dildonius
1:34Video 1 Jan 2021 NTSC JDBlack21 #FTP
1:34Video 6 Jan 2021 NTSC Banz
1:35Video 2 Jan 2021 PAL Deep Darkness The run that completed had the slowest president... But well, a PR is a PR. The
1:38Video 18 Dec 2014 NTSC Flickerform
1:39Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC Perna Those guards are OP. GOD DAMN
1:40Video 21 Jul 2014 NTSC Icy
1:42Video 27 Dec 2019 PAL Deep Darkness - 27th of December 2019. 89 points when set. - Slow and steady.
1:46Video 20 Nov 2020 NTSC ExpertGamer
1:47Video 25 Nov 2014 NTSC speedruntrainer
1:55Video 6 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Sam Fisher
1:56Video 19 Mar 2020 NTSC-J Sam Fisher Forgot about this one, also a repost of a backroll
1:57Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC-J nv #DCC
1:58Video 9 Oct 2012 PAL Deep Darkness
1:59Video 22 Apr 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
2:01Video 8 Jun 2015 NTSC dUGG
2:03Video 23 Nov 2014 NTSC speedruntrainer
2:18Video 30 Mar 2015 NTSC Quirky
2:29Video 2 Nov 2006 PAL Mahrla Untied when set
2:48Video 11 Apr 2018 PAL David Cliff My Rare LTK score is now at 77/82 Achieved live on 11-04-18 15th person to co