All videos for Carrington Institute - Defense - LTK

Difficulty:AgentSpecial AgentPerfect AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Carrington Institute - Defense on the LTK diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:33Video 29 Oct 2017 NTSC Big Bossman Just getting more and more optimized..
1:34Video 17 Sep 2019 NTSC Lake Demon It's Grimshaw's fault
1:35Video 28 Oct 2017 NTSC Big Bossman RIP longest standing LTK untied. Alka warp + modern upstairs strat made this pretty easy. Sloppy upl
1:35Video 29 Jul 2018 NTSC Lake Demon Bad luck on a bunch of 133/134 pace but this will do for tonight
1:35Video 3 Sep 2020 NTSC Taka
1:35Video 12 Nov 2020 NTSC Pauliwood Real quick while taking a break from studying mesoderm, which differentiates as follows Mesoderm:
1:36Video 4 Apr 2018 NTSC Flickerform fine
1:36Video 20 Jun 2020 NTSC Icy Good run. From the lift down until the very end, I had no business surviving anything at all.
1:37Video 27 Jul 2019 NTSC Pauliwood
1:37Video 22 Aug 2019 NTSC Dr. Light hey pauli
1:43Video 22 Feb 2014 NTSC Big Bossman Untied when set
1:43Video 2 Jan 2021 NTSC Paracusia 1st attempt
1:45Video 17 Dec 2015 NTSC Flickerform
1:45Video 27 Jul 2019 NTSC Pauliwood
1:46Video 1 Jul 2009 NTSC Mg Untied when set Got this sometime in mid 2009, actual date unknown
1:46Video 14 Jun 2017 NTSC Icy Mgay swept. Low decimal, but still happy with this run. This level actually doesn't have that muc
1:48Video 26 Mar 2015 NTSC Flickerform decent run, would like lower
1:48Video 13 Jun 2017 NTSC Icy 1:47.98 round-up, going for lower.
1:51Video 31 Mar 2015 NTSC Icy Oh god this is old. And bad.
1:53Video 29 Jun 2009 NTSC Mg Untied when set
1:53Video 26 Jul 2019 NTSC Dr. Light fun
1:56Video 22 Jan 2015 NTSC Flickerform cool run
1:57Video 19 Dec 2014 NTSC Flickerform
1:59Video 4 Jan 2021 NTSC Dildonius
2:02Video 21 Jul 2021 NTSC Hot Coldman
2:03Video 3 Jan 2021 PAL Deep Darkness 2nd try. I'm glad I studied that bomb speeches thing back in the day. #DCC, +600 points.
2:05Video 25 Aug 2014 NTSC Icy
2:09Video 23 Feb 2019 NTSC Pauliwood Another comedy run for flicker to enjoy
2:11Video 9 Aug 2020 NTSC Perna Lost 10 seconds to bad speech timing or whatever it is at the end
2:12Video 18 Feb 2014 PAL Deep Darkness Own strat, really bad run
2:13Video 11 Sep 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
2:17Video 28 Oct 2001 Unknown captZEEbo Untied when set
2:18Video 30 Aug 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
2:20Video 28 Jul 2013 PAL Deep Darkness
2:24Video 6 Jan 2021 NTSC Sam Fisher
2:28Video 10 Oct 2017 NTSC Sam Fisher
2:31Video 25 Aug 2014 NTSC Icy
2:33Video 7 Jul 2018 NTSC Sacred Razor
2:33Video 10 Jan 2021 PAL speedruntrainer
2:34Video 11 Feb 2015 PAL Axel Z Very annoying level.
2:46Video 7 Feb 2017 NTSC Sam Fisher 0:32 faster than my current Perfect Agent time.
2:50Video 14 May 2014 NTSC Icy
2:51Video 26 Jan 2021 NTSC Seanjohn #DCC
3:06Video 8 Jun 2015 NTSC dUGG
3:06Video 4 Jan 2018 PAL David Cliff My Rare LTK score is now at 62/82 Achieved live on 04-01-18 29th person to complete
3:09Video 18 Apr 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
3:14Video 16 Dec 2014 NTSC Flickerform first try, easy
3:21Video 20 Mar 2015 NTSC Quirky
3:24Video 28 May 2021 NTSC Agent Zero
3:30Video 11 Apr 2020 NTSC Sere Easiest ltk completion I've done so far(excluding duel)
4:26Video 26 Jan 2019 NTSC Greatmax First time.
4:42Video 2 Jan 2021 PAL nv take it easy #DCC