All videos for Area 51 - Escape - Perfect Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's Area 51 - Escape on the Perfect Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

3:10/100Video 13 Jul 2020 NTSC Kev B. Free untieds! (Use with EXTREME caution) Time was untied when set. Thanks again to YE!
3:12/100Video 4 May 2020 NTSC Perfect Ace can still go lower but this is decent
3:13/100Video 20 Feb 2020 NTSC Kev B. Time was untied when set. Anything I can do, you can do better. Dedicated to ApertureGrillz fo
3:14/100Video 16 Mar 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Crazy run
3:15/100Video 17 Oct 2014 NTSC Big Bossman WR was untied when set. Vid was recorded using DVR.
3:15/100Video 13 Mar 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Ties 2nd LSU, very low decimal Twitch Vod:
3:15/97Video 14 Dec 2019 NTSC Kev B. Should have been 3:14, doh
3:15/94Video 16 Nov 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy
3:16/100Video 24 Apr 2012 NTSC Taka
3:16/100Video 12 Oct 2014 NTSC Big Bossman This time puts me at 57/63 career PD WRs at some point. Vid was recorded using DVR.
3:17/95Video 11 Mar 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Crazy ending
3:18/100Video 2 Feb 2009 NTSC Red Bull
3:18/92Video 24 Jun 2021 NTSC Dr. Light this level is pain #StanPauliwood
3:18/91Video 15 Dec 2021 NTSC Eliminator Jr. yar
3:19/100Video 1 May 2008 NTSC Red Bull
3:19/94Video 8 Mar 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Classic Elvis
3:20/100Video 8 Jan 2008 NTSC Red Bull
3:20Video 24 Apr 2012 NTSC Taka
3:20/93Video 12 Nov 2019 NTSC Kev B. Trolled by Elvis for at least 3-4 seconds, awesome!
3:20/92Video 18 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Pauliwood
3:20/91Video 15 Nov 2020 NTSC BK #Amalgamates Much worse than SA, but using the certified BK-Dumbass-Strats™ this wasn't too hor
3:22/100Video 6 Jun 2004 NTSC Your Eliteness
3:22/100Video 2 Jan 2008 NTSC Perfect Ace
3:22/94Video 30 May 2018 NTSC-J Greg K. LOL guard by the medpack almost killed me, how the fuck did i survive this. Good run otherwise, kind
3:22/90Video 6 Oct 2020 NTSC-J Alluring Fairy time for a shower, quanathon!
3:23Video 7 Jul 2005 NTSC Big Bossman Video is original using VCR.
3:23Video 20 Dec 2011 NTSC CEDRIC
3:23/92Video 22 Jun 2016 NTSC Karl Jobst
3:23/92Video 27 Oct 2016 NTSC Greenounet don't mind me, i'm just a point farmer trying to keep a consistent pace of PRing.
3:23/91Video 25 Feb 2019 NTSC Lake Demon Trash Jon
3:24/90Video 24 Oct 2016 NTSC Greenounet "protect me jon"
3:24/84Video 28 Feb 2020 NTSC-J Dr. Light wowee zowee
3:24/84Video 17 Dec 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. Zenithar, Trader God, and Patron of Work and Commerce, is the deity of wealth, labor, commerce, and
3:25/89Video 1 Jul 2017 NTSC Axel Z Untied Scandinavian record when set. Worth 89 points when achieved. Fairly content with this but I c
3:26/91Video 13 Aug 2014 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:26/91Video 31 May 2016 NTSC Swiss not totally satisfied here but done for now.
3:26/89Video 1 Jul 2017 NTSC Axel Z Untied Swedish record when set.
3:26/86Video 21 Apr 2019 NTSC Pauliwood Benny hill music ending
3:27/87Video 1 Jul 2017 NTSC Axel Z Untied Swedish record when set.
3:27/86Video 17 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Greg K.
3:27/84Video 20 Apr 2019 NTSC Pauliwood
3:27/80Video 14 Jun 2020 NTSC Flickerform !last24
3:27/75Video 2 Nov 2021 NTSC Paracusia
3:28/90Video 11 Aug 2014 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:28/89Video 1 Jun 2015 NTSC Axel Z Untied Swedish record when set. I want lower still though.
3:28/80Video 17 Dec 2019 NTSC Flickerform quick pr pushed jon
3:28/78Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC MadmanFlechr This level is awful. #SSS VHS:
3:28/78Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC-J Illu wasn't entirely sure what I was doing but PBd somehow, I was actually going for the Jon push but fai
3:29Video 28 Oct 2007 NTSC Otto Oksman
3:29/89Video 1 Jun 2015 NTSC Axel Z Untied Swedish record when set.
3:29/88Video 5 Aug 2015 NTSC Greenounet
3:30Video 31 Oct 2009 NTSC CEDRIC
3:30/88Video 27 May 2015 NTSC Illu
3:30/88Video 31 May 2015 NTSC Axel Z Tied Swedish record when set.
3:30/84Video 5 Jun 2017 NTSC jezz
3:30/83Video 21 Oct 2018 NTSC Lake Demon Jon took the scenic route #ThirdEchelon
3:31/100Video 15 Jan 2004 PAL JugadorJ3
3:31/100Video 15 Jan 2004 NTSC Your Eliteness
3:31/87Video 31 May 2015 NTSC Axel Z
3:31/82Video 19 Mar 2018 NTSC-J Icy Top 10!!!
3:31/70Video 24 Jun 2021 PAL Deep Darkness The ending part of the protection definitely costed me the sub 3:30, I was just a tiny bit too slow
3:31Video N/A PAL Perfect Ace
3:32/100Video 20 Dec 2003 NTSC Lec
3:32Video 26 Jul 2007 PAL Perfect Ace
3:32/78Video 19 Apr 2019 NTSC Pauliwood
3:32/74Video 7 Jan 2020 NTSC Dildonius
3:32/70Video 25 Jan 2021 NTSC Perna This came even faster than SA wow. Need to play for Icy bop tho. Lower we go
3:32/66Video 16 Nov 2021 NTSC JDBlack21 4k PD points
3:33/100Video 11 Oct 2003 NTSC Your Eliteness
3:33/86Video 10 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z Untied Swedish record when set.
3:33/69Video 15 Dec 2020 NTSC Eliminator Jr. lol
3:33/64Video 2 Nov 2021 NTSC Paracusia get me out of here
3:34Video 19 Jan 2006 NTSC Dark Slayer High 1:48 Jon. You can find the post here:
3:34/77Video 30 Jul 2018 NTSC punjab Kinda troll but whatever Team[Buy The Dip]
3:34/65Video 24 Jun 2021 NTSC Banz monthly
3:35Video 23 Nov 2004 NTSC TreAKAHotdog
3:35/73Video 25 May 2019 NTSC Kev B. You have to be careful, Joanna!
3:35/73Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC Dr. Light I remembered to get the medpack
3:35/68Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Taber Nice run. healthy skip #SSS
3:35/58Video 19 Apr 2022 NTSC-J FALL
3:36/100Video 16 Sep 2003 PAL JugadorJ3
3:36Video 20 Jun 2005 NTSC Wouter Jansen
3:36/81Video 30 May 2015 NTSC Greenounet
3:36/74Video 16 Oct 2018 NTSC Lake Demon Second try, bad #ThirdEchelon
3:37/82Video 10 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z Passed Narigutita in time ranks to 27th; untied Swedish record when set
3:37/81Video 27 May 2015 NTSC Illu
3:37/74Video 27 Jun 2018 NTSC Wodahs-Reklaw lol ending
3:37/66Video 25 Jun 2020 NTSC BK #TeamTurnip SA is a lot more fun
3:38/100Video 8 Dec 2001 PAL Dark Avenger
3:38/100Video 9 Sep 2003 PAL JugadorJ3
3:38/70Video 15 Nov 2018 NTSC-J speedruntrainer
3:38/70Video 22 Mar 2019 NTSC ThaRixer This PR puts me to Top 50. It's a small step towards greatness. TR are initials to be on the look
3:38/68Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC Eliminator Jr. Might as well be playing with a blindfold when you get tranq'd on this level
3:39/78Video 13 May 2015 NTSC MouserScribe That's the ticket. Not the greatest, but not the worst either.
3:39/61Video 27 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Goldenvinze
3:39/60Video 5 Jul 2020 NTSC Alluring Fairy shoutout to kevin pringles
3:40Video 21 Sep 2003 NTSC Snowblind
3:40/75Video 30 Sep 2015 NTSC Icy I really struggle with Escape, so I'm stoked on this fluke of a run! .03 and don't even care.
3:41/55Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna Time was untied when set Daily Bonus #League2020
3:42/77Video 10 Sep 2014 NTSC Axel Z Passed Sucram in time ranks to 28th; untied Swedish record when set.
3:42/76Video 15 Jan 2015 NTSC Greenounet awesome
3:42/67Video 10 Aug 2018 NTSC-J FOrk
3:42/67Video 30 Sep 2018 NTSC-J Pauliwood holy moly
3:42/52Video 15 Jul 2020 NTSC Banz
3:42/53Video 10 Feb 2021 NTSC pogopope
3:43/73Video 25 Jan 2015 NTSC speedruntrainer
3:43/57Video 9 Sep 2017 PAL Deep Darkness - 9th September 2017. - 67 points when set. - Meh, shouldn't be hard to improve.
3:43/52Video 5 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna 2500 Points #League2020
3:43/51Video 12 Jul 2020 PAL Ose young chop on the beat
3:43/47Video 11 Jun 2021 NTSC Yendis zzzz
3:44Video 25 Jan 2012 NTSC Zezinho
3:44/69Video 13 May 2015 NTSC MouserScribe Meh.
3:44/64Video 26 Jun 2018 NTSC Wodahs-Reklaw First Cmp
3:44/57Video 11 Jun 2019 NTSC MadmanFlechr LD where agent tut #KeenU 3000 PD points! Dedicated to Meme God: Aviathex17 Worth 57 points
3:45/60Video 30 Jul 2018 NTSC FOrk Lost so much time at the end
3:45/55Video 26 May 2019 NTSC BK Top 50!! Thank you all so much for the support, motivation, and good times.
3:45/40Video 24 Jun 2021 NTSC Canovah cheers to LD for the sick tut
3:45/40Video 24 Jun 2021 NTSC LQwerty this level almost made me delete my bio and replace it with "No." if you know what i mean
3:45/38Video 31 Oct 2021 NTSC Paracusia i have cancer
3:46Video 5 May 2003 NTSC KillerSim7
3:46Video 16 Sep 2003 NTSC Snowblind
3:46/43Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Yendis daily
3:47/41Video 5 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna Yendis 3:50 Time was untied when set #League2020
3:47/36Video 16 Jul 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:47/35Video 9 Jun 2021 NTSC JDBlack21 pussy strats #GoSerious
3:48Video 18 Jan 2011 NTSC Zezinho
3:49/64Video 18 Jun 2013 PAL Axel Z
3:49/56Video 27 Jun 2018 NTSC Lake Demon
3:49/36Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:49Video N/A PAL DarkAko
3:50/52Video 30 Jul 2018 NTSC FOrk
3:50/45Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC Yendis LK - First completion, but my picture turned green again so will stop for today.
3:50/40Video 3 Jul 2020 NTSC Perna #League2020
3:51/100Video 23 Jan 2001 NTSC ParagonX9
3:51/41Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Dildonius
3:51/35Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Banz
3:52/55Video 4 Aug 2014 NTSC speedruntrainer
3:52/34Video 18 Jun 2020 PAL Ose #SSS
3:53/45Video 22 Jun 2017 NTSC Flickerform
3:54/34Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Dildonius
3:54Video N/A NTSC Shade
3:55Video 26 Jan 2004 PAL Psycho
3:55/50Video 26 Jul 2014 NTSC MouserScribe Stupid. Guess I have to make the video though, it was ok; JAP
3:55/46Video 18 May 2015 NTSC Icy Bad ending, but I really don't like this level.
3:55/31Video 28 Jun 2019 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:55/25Video 16 Jul 2020 NTSC Sam Fisher #ProjectB
3:56/31Video 27 Jun 2019 NTSC Hot Coldman
3:56/23Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Taber #SSS
3:57Video 14 Nov 2005 NTSC Illu
3:57/39Video 3 Aug 2014 NTSC speedruntrainer video is missing the ending.
3:57/17Video 12 Jul 2020 NTSC Banz
3:58/40Video 17 Jun 2013 PAL Axel Z
4:00/18Video 21 Jul 2018 NTSC Alka Maass fuck this level
4:00/14Video 11 Mar 2019 NTSC Sam Fisher Top 50!
4:00/12Video 25 May 2019 NTSC BK no
4:01/21Video 12 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
4:06/15Video 20 Aug 2013 NTSC speedruntrainer
4:06Video N/A PAL ShadowZero
4:08/11Video 17 Jun 2013 PAL Axel Z
4:11/4Video 23 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
4:25/0Video 16 Aug 2014 PAL Adam Miller Surprisingly ok run.
4:25/0Video 26 Sep 2021 NTSC LiquorStoreGord Happy with this for now, big time save.
4:25Video N/A NTSC DarkHawk
4:28/0Video 30 Aug 2020 NTSC Cal
4:39/0Video 5 Nov 2014 NTSC Icy
4:40/0Video 6 Jun 2020 NTSC ghostbus
4:42Video 23 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
4:44Video N/A NTSC Ngamer
4:45/0Video 27 Mar 2014 NTSC Icy (For completion)
4:52Video 23 Feb 2013 NTSC Axel Z
5:04/0Video 20 Jan 2019 NTSC-J MadmanFlechr Wow beats my SA time wowee Dedicated to Meme God: Wally183
5:05/0Video 30 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Sere
5:28/0Video 16 Jul 2016 PAL David Cliff messy run but i enjoyed it
5:29/0Video 6 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere
5:43/0Video 27 Oct 2021 NTSC Scarybear
6:09Video 13 May 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr Casual playthrough.
6:23/0Video 17 Jul 2020 NTSC Seanjohn
7:17/0Video 10 May 2020 NTSC-J TheIrishBub
7:33/0Video 16 Sep 2018 NTSC Retrix Fox
10:59/0Video 4 Aug 2020 NTSC Lifting Shadows Only took two attempts to complete this level on Perfect Agent. Infiltration and Rescue were MUCH ha