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A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Cradle on the Secret Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

0:33/100Video 11 Sep 2018 NTSC-J Irie Butler degenerate time when set Music Video- (untied wr w
0:33/100Video 15 Sep 2018 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho woo
0:33/100Video 17 Sep 2018 NTSC-J David Clemens Gonna fly now
0:33/100Video 29 Sep 2018 NTSC-J Karl Jobst
0:33/100Video 22 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Carl-Magnus Wall 122 kills and around 50 nades. Part of Project 2020.
0:34/100Video 15 Oct 2015 NTSC-J David Clemens EPIC, No boost so Jimbo owes me a steak dinner!
0:34/100Video 16 Oct 2015 NTSC-J Ilari Pekkala
0:34/100Video 25 Nov 2015 NTSC-J Carl-Magnus Wall Better than I thought.. lol.
0:34/100Video 6 Mar 2016 NTSC-J Justin St-Pierre OK
0:34/100Video 12 Mar 2016 NTSC Marc Rützou
0:35/100Video 15 Jul 2008 NTSC David Clemens
0:35/100Video 8 Apr 2010 NTSC Rayan I. #clemensstrats
0:35/100Video 4 Jan 2014 NTSC-J Karl Jobst
0:35/100Video 28 Feb 2015 NTSC Bryan B. The trick to early nade throw strat is going way left before entering the hut. It seems to mess up T
0:35/100Video 23 Mar 2015 NTSC Dan Parker dedicated to greenounet
0:36/100Video 20 Jan 2004 NTSC Wouter Jansen
0:36/100Video 21 Dec 2005 NTSC Bryan B. Video is original using VCR.
0:36/100Video 11 Jul 2006 NTSC Ryan White
0:36/100Video 24 Aug 2007 NTSC David Clemens
0:36/100Video 11 Feb 2008 NTSC Eddie Lovins
0:37/100Video 13 Dec 2002 PAL Wouter Jansen
0:37/100Video 18 Aug 2003 PAL Matthijs ten Ham
0:37/100Video 7 Nov 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
0:37Video 14 Sep 2004 NTSC Brandon Sanford
0:37Video 26 Feb 2005 NTSC Jim Barrett This was a 97 point time when I got it in February 2005, a terrible run that shows just how improvab
0:38/100Video 26 Dec 2001 NTSC Randy Buikema
0:38/100Video 6 Jan 2002 PAL Wouter Jansen
0:38Video 18 Aug 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
0:38Video 2 Nov 2005 NTSC Ilari Pekkala
0:38Video 7 Nov 2005 NTSC Alex Anderson 1.1
0:39/100Video 4 Oct 2001 PAL Wouter Jansen
0:39Video 15 Jun 2005 NTSC Henrik Norgren
0:39Video 5 May 2008 NTSC Axel Zakrisson one of the most unique runs of all time
0:39Video 4 Feb 2009 NTSC Greg Woll
0:39/68Video 28 Nov 2013 PAL Gregor Degenhart
0:40Video 11 Dec 2001 PAL Adam Moore
0:40Video 23 Dec 2001 NTSC Greg Woll The video featured is not the PR run, but a dupe, which is the infamous Woll Shot run, on 3/21/07.
0:40Video 6 Jan 2006 NTSC Michael K.
0:40Video 13 Jul 2007 NTSC Axel Zakrisson Got this during the Swedish meet at Patrik Nilsson's place!
0:40/49Video 12 Oct 2015 NTSC-J João Vitor Drone Strat. I might improve this very soon, but posting it to gather up more content on the new str
0:40/0Video 17 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten [PTR] Was fucking around, seeing if the Trev kill is the same on SA/00 as Agent, and trying to fi
0:41Video 16 Mar 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
0:41Video 22 Oct 2010 NTSC José Tavares
0:41/21Video 24 Feb 2017 NTSC Thomas Andrews I got this PR over a year ago, just now getting the chance to upload it. Messing around with the dro
0:42Video 2 Feb 2004 PAL Henrik Norgren
0:42/50Video 19 Nov 2014 NTSC Eric B.
0:42/0Video 23 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Josh Thomson LOL nearly every Trev Kill has been a 34 pace. The one that finally gets through sucks balls haha.
0:43Video 2 Sep 2001 PAL Matthijs ten Ham
0:43Video 1 Jun 2005 NTSC Mike Gaydeski
0:43Video 22 Jul 2006 NTSC Ryan K.
0:43Video 15 May 2007 NTSC Greg Larkin
0:43Video 28 Sep 2007 NTSC Graham Maddocks
0:44Video 30 Mar 2002 PAL Patrik Nilsson
0:44Video 31 Aug 2007 NTSC Graham Maddocks
0:44Video 6 Sep 2011 PAL Adam Bozon
0:44/28Video 1 Jan 2013 NTSC Logan West Could be a little better but I'm happy with this for now. Certainly cuts a lot of time off (old time
0:44/29Video 11 Jul 2013 NTSC Brian Dupont
0:45Video 16 Dec 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
0:45/14Video 5 Mar 2013 PAL Adrian Axelsson
0:45/14Video 22 Dec 2013 NTSC Brent Wingert lol at how bad this is
0:45/0Video 8 Sep 2019 NTSC Rob G. Soooo many backboosts :(
0:45/0Video 22 Mar 2021 NTSC-J Michael S.
0:45Video N/A PAL Axel Andersson
0:46Video 15 Mar 2007 PAL Graham Maddocks
0:46Video 24 Jan 2008 PAL Nick Rotmeyer
0:46Video 17 May 2008 PAL Iain Everett
0:46/1Video 4 Mar 2013 PAL Adrian Axelsson
0:46/0Video 15 Aug 2017 NTSC-J Harry Van Dort
0:47Video 30 Aug 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
0:47/0Video 19 Jun 2019 PAL Oskari Strandman
0:47/0Video 5 Sep 2019 NTSC Rob G. Pretty good run, but without the stucks it would have been great
0:47/0Video 17 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
0:47/0Video 2 May 2021 NTSC Brian Rose
0:47Video N/A PAL Graham Maddocks
0:48/0Video 24 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
0:48/0Video 9 Oct 2019 PAL Cal Brabham All my times ranked under 300th again 1:29:00 total time
0:48Video N/A PAL Adam Flint
0:49/0Video 20 Sep 2014 NTSC Daniel Henry
0:49/0Video 8 Jun 2015 NTSC-J Nicolas Royet
0:49/0Video 7 Aug 2017 NTSC-J Jon Lervold
0:49/0Video 16 Apr 2019 NTSC Quinn Abelson
0:49/0Video 31 Jan 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
0:50/0Video 28 Oct 2013 NTSC David Silverlind
0:50/0Video 4 Aug 2015 NTSC-J Joshua Nash
0:50/0Video 18 May 2018 NTSC Adam V. Well of course my SA time should be faster than my 00A time.
0:50/0Video 18 Nov 2018 NTSC Robert G
0:50/0Video 17 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood Overall Combined Time: 1:49:55 (189th) Sub 1:50 with this time
0:51/0Video 17 Nov 2018 NTSC Steve Dudick Slightly better. Still room for improvement with current strat, but may start practicing more optim
0:51/0Video 14 Apr 2019 NTSC Quinn Abelson
0:51/0Video 16 May 2019 NTSC Skye S. Fierce Wait! Guado uploads a Proof Video!
0:51/0Video 5 Mar 2021 NTSC Patrick Caudle
0:52/0Video 17 Nov 2018 NTSC Steve Dudick Figured out audio capture. Trev suicide strat. Sloppy movement after hut.
0:52/0Video 30 Mar 2019 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
0:52/0Video 5 Sep 2019 NTSC Rob G. First completion
0:52/0Video 4 Jan 2020 NTSC-J Cory Hanson First revisit of Cradle times.
0:52/0Video 8 Apr 2020 PAL Jack P
0:53/0Video 20 Dec 2018 NTSC-J Cal Brabham First completion Backwalk Trev suicide
0:53/0Video 22 Jul 2019 NTSC Patrick F.
0:53/0Video 1 Apr 2020 NTSC Nathan Cromwell
0:53/0Video 19 Jun 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger naid hut strat. Saved another 2 seconds. not good enough for the current sentry gun strat
0:54/0Video 25 Jan 2014 NTSC Forrest Hinton
0:54/0Video 9 Nov 2018 NTSC Robert G hey look an SA time
0:54/0Video 16 Apr 2021 PAL Declan Moodie It's better than the 20 minute non-submission: Part 2.
0:55/0Video 12 Oct 2013 NTSC Mark Briggs Fall.
0:55/0Video 16 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Adam V. Just going to unlock Aztec on my Jap cart and Trev decided he was ready to die pretty fast.
0:55/0Video 18 Apr 2019 NTSC John Reading
0:55/0Video 18 Aug 2019 NTSC Matthew Alan Estock
0:55/0Video 19 Jun 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger naid hut strat
0:56/0Video 22 Oct 2017 PAL David Cliff all of a sudden my capture device won't capture!!! when i fix it I'll add vid i don't know how p
0:56/0Video 14 Apr 2018 NTSC Cory Hanson First real attempt at SA.
0:56/0Video 29 Oct 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
0:56/0Video 6 Mar 2019 NTSC Dan O.
0:56/0Video 16 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
0:56/0Video 26 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Brian Burchett
0:57/0Video 16 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood
0:58/0Video 23 May 2014 NTSC James Plunkett Suicidal Trev
0:59/0Video 16 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
0:59/0Video 10 Apr 2020 PAL John Riddiough
0:59/0Video N/A NTSC Eric Renzulli
1:00Video 8 Nov 2005 PAL David Cliff
1:01/0Video 8 Mar 2018 NTSC Adam V. Okay this time for real
1:03/0Video 15 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
1:03Video N/A NTSC Robert Rodriguez
1:05/0Video 26 Apr 2020 NTSC Brian Burchett Dirtiest hole you'll ever see
1:06/0Video 2 Apr 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger
1:07/0Video 25 Jan 2021 NTSC Patrick Caudle
1:08/0Video 23 Nov 2019 PAL Daniel Green
1:08/0Video 26 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Brian Burchett
1:09/0Video 25 Nov 2019 NTSC Brian Burchett
1:11Video 8 May 2014 NTSC Alec M
1:11/0Video 28 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
1:17/0Video 13 Nov 2018 NTSC Skye S.
1:18/0Video 6 Feb 2018 NTSC Skye S.
1:20/0Video 14 Mar 2020 NTSC Nathan Cromwell
1:21/0Video 8 Apr 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee
1:22/0Video 23 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
1:23/0Video 31 Mar 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee 2nd Cradle SA PB of the day: 1:27 -> 1:25 -> 1:23
1:26/0Video 21 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
1:27/0Video 27 Feb 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee my 28th PB of Feb 2021, matching my Feb 2020 total!
1:35/0Video 14 May 2020 NTSC Jerry Bee - it took less than 15 minutes to get a new PB on Cradle SA... - good run!
1:36/0Video 2 Nov 2019 NTSC Brian Burchett
1:40/0Video 10 Apr 2021 NTSC-J Jesper Tim Elias Söderlind First clear to unlock Aztec
1:45/0Video 15 Aug 2019 PAL Maciek H a small step for man
1:51/0Video 14 Jan 2018 NTSC Skye S.
1:53/0Video 7 Jan 2018 NTSC Skye S.
2:04Video 1 Feb 2012 PAL Artur Domingos
5:15/0Video 9 Dec 2017 NTSC Cory Hanson Filling out times page