All videos for Runway - Secret Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Runway on the Secret Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

0:22/100Video 20 Jun 2012 NTSC Bryan B. Time was done using 2.2 and a Superpad controller. Time was untied when set. Video was recorded us
0:22/100Video 26 Mar 2014 NTSC Michael K. After almost two years, Runway Agent has stood untied. Then I tied it. Then for almost two years,
0:22/100Video 1 Feb 2015 NTSC Walton Mattei The journey to 22
0:22/100Video 8 Mar 2015 NTSC Randy Buikema super cool time. I'm pretty stoked about it. 4th person to get it, good stuff.
0:22/100Video 6 Jan 2016 NTSC Luke Szklarz Cooked
0:23/100Video 8 Nov 2001 PAL Karl Jobst
0:23/100Video 12 Apr 2002 NTSC Randy Buikema
0:23/100Video 22 Dec 2002 NTSC Bryan B. Video is a dupe using DVR.
0:23/100Video 9 Jan 2003 PAL Wouter Jansen
0:23/100Video 3 Nov 2003 PAL Graham Morris
0:24/100Video 18 Apr 1999 NTSC Sterling Neblett
0:24/100Video 28 Dec 2000 PAL Matthijs ten Ham
0:24/100Video 11 Apr 2001 NTSC Ben Gorman
0:24/100Video 20 Jul 2001 NTSC Peter Osterland
0:24/100Video 21 Sep 2001 NTSC Claude Boucher
0:25Video 23 Oct 1999 NTSC Wes McKinney
0:25Video 18 Aug 2004 PAL David Cliff
0:25Video 27 Oct 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
0:25Video 6 Feb 2007 PAL Andrew Bownes
0:25/0Video 1 Feb 2012 PAL Artur Domingos
0:26/0Video 11 Oct 2013 NTSC Mark Briggs Run a way.
0:26/0Video 1 Mar 2015 NTSC Ben Plath NICE! I had 0:30 before this. I don't know why I didn't try to beat it until now, lol. 0:25 on SA wi
0:26/0Video 3 Aug 2018 NTSC Skye S.
0:26/0Video 24 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood my laptop broke so no more vids until its fixed :( video is a dupe from 5/8/2019
0:26/0Video 30 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
0:27/0Video 9 Jul 2017 NTSC Jon Lervold
0:27/0Video 1 Aug 2018 NTSC Russ Wharff Good boosts but I was just so slow on Obj C.
0:27/0Video 13 Nov 2021 NTSC-J Ross H.
0:27/0Video 19 Jul 2022 NTSC Nicholas McFarland
0:27/0Video 16 Apr 2023 NTSC Russ Jericho
0:28/0Video 20 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood lol i'll take it
0:28/0Video 12 Apr 2023 PAL Sam Pinder
0:28Video N/A NTSC Steve Bryze
0:29/0Video 5 Jun 2013 NTSC David Silverlind
0:29/0Video 21 Jan 2018 NTSC Skye S.
0:29/0Video 16 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood Best fail = :27
0:29/0Video 4 Mar 2020 PAL Karl Smith
0:29/0Video 28 Feb 2021 NTSC Patrick Caudle
0:30/0Video 20 Apr 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee - after about 2 hours of grinding the grenade throw, finally had one complete... I had quite a few 0
0:31/0Video 3 Apr 2018 NTSC Adam V. Forgot to post this when I got it. Got this shortly after my 22.
0:31/0Video 24 Mar 2019 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
0:31/0Video 30 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
0:31/0Video 23 Mar 2020 NTSC Jerry Bee - this was PAINFUL... I massively struggled to get a new level for SA today... - I couldn't get Run
0:32/0Video 19 Jun 2019 PAL Oskari Strandman
0:32/0Video 1 Mar 2021 PAL Hans Forsgren
0:32/0Video 22 Nov 2023 PAL Lee Cullen
0:33/0Video 15 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
0:33/0Video 4 Feb 2019 NTSC Alex Stinchcombe
0:33/0Video 16 Jan 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger Consistent 35's into a 33
0:33/0Video 1 Jul 2022 NTSC Nicholas McFarland
0:34/0Video 27 Nov 2019 NTSC Cory Hanson Trying the grenades on the battery now.
0:35/0Video 23 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
0:35/0Video 3 Sep 2023 PAL Lee Cullen
0:36/0Video 5 Apr 2014 NTSC J. Rock
0:36/0Video 19 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F.
0:36Video 17 Jun 2023 NTSC Hans Forsgren
0:36/0Video N/A NTSC Eric Renzulli
0:37/0Video 30 Mar 2019 NTSC John Reading
0:37/0Video 18 Oct 2023 NTSC Daniel Weitzmann
0:38/0Video 19 Jan 2014 NTSC Forrest Hinton
0:38/0Video 1 Mar 2021 PAL Hans Forsgren
0:38Video 17 Jun 2023 NTSC-J Hans Forsgren
0:39/0Video 1 Apr 2018 NTSC-J Adam V. First PB on my Japanese Cart.
0:39/0Video 10 Apr 2020 PAL John Riddiough
0:39/0Video 14 Jan 2021 NTSC Patrick Caudle So bad lol
0:39/0Video 13 Aug 2023 PAL Lee Cullen
0:40/0Video 3 Jan 2018 NTSC Skye S.
0:41/0Video 5 Mar 2018 NTSC Adam V. Ah yes, the old timed mine strat.
0:41/0Video 25 Jul 2020 PAL Jeffrey Bäcker lol complete
0:41/0Video 1 Mar 2021 PAL Hans Forsgren
0:41/0Video 22 Sep 2022 PAL David Pyke
0:42/0Video 26 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
0:42/0Video 1 Mar 2021 PAL Hans Forsgren
0:44/0Video 29 Jul 2023 NTSC Ajay McCaleb Used 1.1 Honey and a Player's Choice Cart. Got it first try with a good timed mine throw. A new over
0:45/0Video 13 Apr 2023 PAL Daniel Weitzmann
0:48/0Video 27 Oct 2019 NTSC Brian Burchett Why did I press B? LUL
0:52/0Video 3 Feb 2018 NTSC Derrick Cubbage I'm gonna try to get a grenade to destroy it. Sorry about the ending. The stream started to have a b
0:59/0Video 9 Dec 2017 NTSC Cory Hanson Not good enough with grenades yet.
0:59Video 12 Dec 2017 NTSC Cory Hanson Filling out times page
0:59Video 26 May 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
1:10/0Video 27 Oct 2019 NTSC Brian Burchett