All 551 GoldenEye Players

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Alias Real Name GE PD
50 Cent Curtis Jackson Yes Yes
Ace Stefan Persson Yes Yes
Adam Archbold Adam Archbold Yes
Adam Colling Adam Colling Yes
Adam English Adam English Yes
Adam Flint Adam Flint Yes
Adam Goodbread Adam Goodbread Yes
Adam Marcinek Adam Marcinek Yes
Adam Matis Adam Matis Yes
Adam Miller Adam Miller Yes Yes
Air Holland Emile Broekhuizen Yes Yes
AJ Black AJ Black Yes
AJ Gray AJ Gray Yes
ALakota Austin Lakota Yes Yes
Alaris_Villain Robert Sizemore Yes Yes
Alecboy Corey Stolzenbach Yes Yes
Alex Apostolovski Alex Apostolovski Yes
Alex Hollingsworth Alex Hollingsworth Yes
Alex Walfrand Alex Walfrand Yes
Alexandru Balahura Alexandru Balahura Yes
Allan Tilbury Allan Tilbury Yes
AlmondBiscuit Sam Whitaker Yes
Amoore Adam Moore Yes Yes
Andre Berlemont Andre Berlemont Yes
Andrew Bibas Andrew Bibas Yes Yes
Andrew Bownes Andrew Bownes Yes Yes
Andrew Martin Andrew Martin Yes
Annihilator Garrett Sellati Yes Yes
Anthony Chow Anthony Chow Yes
Anton Forsander Anton Forsander Yes
Apasher Aaron Ashley Yes
Aravix Nick Staton Yes
Arnold Navilite Arnold Navilite Yes
Ash Sam Rodrigues Yes
Asherza Asher Straubing Yes
Askaruk Edgar Talayko Yes
Assassin Dean Barnhart Yes Yes
Austinthegamer Austin Perroux Yes
Axel Andersson Axel Andersson Yes Yes
Axel Z Axel Zakrisson Yes Yes
B62 Brandon Duschl Yes
barsam2 Martin Parigger Yes Yes
Basic Instinct Ryan Koch Yes Yes
Bass Boost Alex Anderson Yes Yes
BebopBandit Zach Powell Yes
Ben Canavan Ben Canavan Yes
Benobot99 Ben Plath Yes Yes
Big Bossman Bryan Bosshardt Yes Yes
Bismuth Gabriel Girard Yes
Bizichyld Dan Wendt Yes Yes
BlackChaos Chris Staples Yes
Blazebebe François Remy Yes Yes
Blue Lightning Steven Haley Yes Yes
BlueSoxSWJ Steve Johnson Yes Yes
Bob Aunan Bob Aunan Yes
Bob Faulds Bob Faulds Yes
BogusZ Roger Zylstra Yes Yes
Bonedragons Jeff Stanislaw Yes Yes
Bonzo Adam Bozon Yes Yes
Bosby Carter Larson Yes
Branden Messier Branden Messier Yes
Breckish Breck Fresen Yes Yes
Brendan Jonathan Machado Yes Yes
Brian Novell Brian Novell Yes
Brian154 Brian R Yes
Bruno Alberto Bruno Alberto Yes
Bruno Giacomini Bruno Giacomini Yes
cainmarko Tim Nixon Yes Yes
Cam Allen Cam Allen Yes
Cameron Heiniger Cameron Heiniger Yes
captZEEbo Greg Lavery Yes Yes
Carl Michelsen Carl Michelsen Yes
Cck Christoph Kohlbach Yes Yes
CEDRIC Takuya Kakizawa Yes Yes
Chad Smith Chad Smith Yes
Chantal Akerman Chantal Akerman Yes
Charlie Castle Charlie Castle Yes
Chebon Shayen Chebon Shayen Yes
ChodhE Claude Boucher Yes Yes
Chris Alesso Chris Alesso Yes
Chris Allan Chris Allan Yes
Chris Hames Chris Hames Yes
Chris King Chris King Yes
Chris Marshall Chris Marshall Yes
Christian Rosko Christian Rosko Yes
Christopher Graves Christopher Graves Yes
Chuya Takizawa Chuya Takizawa Yes Yes
Clampulp Robert Kapaufs Yes
Cliff Hampton Cliff Hampton Yes
comeasaurus Steve Bryze Yes Yes
Cosmo Cosmo Wright Yes Yes
CrazyCh1cken Nick Artfitch Yes Yes
Creamy Jake Aguirre Yes
Curtis Gregory Curtis Gregory Yes
D Warrior Eric Tapani Yes Yes
D*A*M*O Damian Coe Yes Yes
Damien Lobato Damien Lobato Yes
Dan Berube Dan Berube Yes
Dan Cervone Dan Cervone Yes Yes
Dan Furst Dan Furst Yes
Daniel Guimond Daniel Guimond Yes
Danyal Isran Danyal Isran Yes Yes
Dark Avenger Phil Hughes Yes Yes
Dark Inkosi Marc R. Yes Yes
Dark Master Anaël Raffin Yes Yes
Dark Mog Morgan Malm Yes Yes
Dark Slayer Rodrigo Toledo Yes Yes
Dark Toto Yrvin van Wijk Yes Yes
Dark Wrath Brad Cutler Yes Yes
Dark0Perfection David Fourn Yes Yes
DarkAko Jonathan Atkinson Yes Yes
DarkHawk Andy Day Yes Yes
darksurge Dakota Greene Yes Yes
darkzo Luciano Branco Yes Yes
Darrell Simpson Darrell Simpson Yes
Dave Reisom Dave Reisom Yes
David Clemens David Clemens Yes Yes
David Cliff David Cliff Yes Yes
David Greenaway David Greenaway Yes
David Shepherd David Shepherd Yes
David Witten David Witten Yes
Deep Darkness Óscar Roldán Blay Yes Yes
Denis Akel Denis Akel Yes
Dennisovic Dennis Waller Yes Yes
Derek Clark Derek Clark Yes
Desert Eagle Kenny Hill Yes Yes
dirtyharry44 Jeff Martin Yes
Discombobulator Randy Buikema Yes Yes
Dismantles Cyrus Prymak Yes
DJ Bachovin DJ Bachovin Yes
DJS David Silverlind Yes
DMan Simon Archambault Yes Yes
DoM Jaryd A Yes
Dosto Alexis Jalabert Yes Yes
DoubleUnicorn Christopher Jacques Yes
DownTheUpstair Brian Doman Yes
Dr. Sbaitso Kevin V Yes Yes
Drake Essenmacher Drake Essenmacher Yes
Dsx Jonathan Hotinski Yes
Dugongue William Armstrong Yes
Duran Piric Duran Piric Yes
Durkmeister Adam D Yes Yes
Eddie Darléon Eddie Darléon Yes
Eddie Lovins Eddie Lovins Yes
Eddy Erman Eddy Erman Yes
Eise Smit Eise Smit Yes Yes
Emily Hirvelä Emily Hirvelä Yes
EojBernier Joe Bernier Yes
ERayz David Raymond Yes Yes
Eric King Eric King Yes
Eric Kirkness Eric Kirkness Yes
Eric Renzulli Eric Renzulli Yes Yes
Eric Valente Eric Valente Yes Yes
essexradio Mikael Axelson Yes
EverAlert Nathaniel Coughran Yes Yes
ExpertGamer Chris Rayola Yes Yes
F7Pepsi Sam Powell Yes
fadarkue Fabian Künzli Yes Yes
Fal Ian Fallens Yes Yes
Falcon Boris Dubbeldam Yes Yes
Filipe Lima dos Santos Filipe Lima dos Santos Yes
Finkums David Reavis Yes
Flickerform Kyle Wiebenga Yes Yes
FnBigIndian Aaron L'Hirondelle Yes
Foggen Cody Trosclair Yes
Forrest Hinton Forrest Hinton Yes Yes
Fox2001 Jonathan Crevel Yes Yes
Freddie Schleed Freddie Schleed Yes
friesen Smuge Sawyer Yes
Fro Frode Klow Yes Yes
Funky Buddha Greg Lewis Yes Yes
Gabriele Atzori Gabriele Atzori Yes
Gator Jameson Blade Yes
Ghostface Marc-Andre Boileau Yes
Glen McDiarmid Glen McDiarmid Yes
God Mode Braydon Pickering Yes Yes
GoldenGreg007 Greg Woll Yes Yes
Goldenvinze Vincent Rolin Yes Yes
GoldMil Michael Nielsen Yes Yes
Graeme Faulds Graeme Faulds Yes
Graeme O'Brien Graeme O'Brien Yes
Gragz Graham Maddocks Yes Yes
Greatmax Mark Briggs Yes Yes
Greenounet Ludovic Begon Yes Yes
Greg K. Vitor Miranda Yes Yes
Greystar Graham Sewell Yes Yes
Griffin Thompson Griffin Thompson Yes
Guilherme Alberto Guilherme Alberto Yes
Guillaume Carré Guillaume Carré Yes
Gus Riolo Gus Riolo Yes Yes
H3RB4LS Mike H Yes
Harvey Manhood Harvey Manhood Yes
HBloomz Henning Blom Yes Yes
Henrik Norgren Henrik Norgren Yes Yes
Herman Yeung Herman Yeung Yes
HighScore80 Patrik Nilsson Yes Yes
Hindu Richard Wade Yes Yes
hitekaimer Alex Carvalho Yes
Homeonice Luke Szklarz Yes Yes
HomerSimSim Paul George Yes Yes
hosseruk Max Bell Yes Yes
hotshott Walton Mattei Yes Yes
Humma Ben Southward Yes Yes
Hypnotoad Eli Porter Yes
Iain Everett Iain Everett Yes
Ian Krueger Ian Krueger Yes
Icy Eric Liikala Yes Yes
Iggy Brandon Hernandez Yes Yes
Igniting Stuff Charlie Morgan Yes
Illu Ilari Pekkala Yes Yes
Infiltrater Ricky Pusch Yes Yes
Ivan Neeson Ivan Neeson Yes
J-Rock J. Rock Yes
Jacob Heick Jacob Heick Yes
Jacob Lovins Jacob Lovins Yes
James Plunkett James Plunkett Yes
James Register James Register Yes
James Schofield James Schofield Yes
James Taylor James Taylor Yes
Jamie O'Brien Jamie O'Brien Yes
Jared Kirkness Jared Kirkness Yes Yes
Jarle Grøhn Jarle Grøhn Yes
Jason J Jason J Yes
Jasper Webb Jasper Webb Yes
Jbop Lancelot Junkin Yes Yes
Jean-Sebastien Dubois Jean-Sebastien Dubois Yes
Jim Barrett Jim Barrett Yes Yes
Jim Desmond Jim Desmond Yes
Jim Eglinton Jim Eglinton Yes
Jim Hays Jim Hays Yes
Jimbalicious Jamal Habash Yes
Jimmy Bauer Jimmy Bauer Yes Yes
joe Samuel Wurzelbacher Yes
Joey Johnston Joey Johnston Yes
Johan Moulard Johan Moulard Yes
John Beck John Beck Yes
John Kaleta John Kaleta Yes
John Lewis John Lewis Yes
John Selder John Selder Yes Yes
johnlennon007 Brandon Fitzsimmons Yes
Jon Dempsey Jon Dempsey Yes
Jonas Holmgran Jonas Holmgran Yes
Jonas McCammon Jonas McCammon Yes
Jordi Duran Jordi Duran Yes
Joseph Pierman Joseph Pierman Yes
Josh R. Josh R. Yes Yes
Josh Saunders Josh Saunders Yes
Josh Stewart Josh Stewart Yes
josh116pep Joshua Nash Yes Yes
Joshua Kinnick Joshua Kinnick Yes
JugadorJ3 Matt Cook Yes Yes
Julien Gamla Julien Gamla Yes
Julien Langlois Julien Langlois Yes
Justin Richardson Justin Richardson Yes
Justin Tawfik Justin Tawfik Yes
Justin Thomas Justin Thomas Yes Yes
JustinDT Justin St-Pierre Yes
Kayte Nelson Kayte Nelson Yes
Keefer Keith MacWhirter Yes Yes
Keisuke M Keisuke M Yes
Kevin Adams Kevin Adams Yes
Kevin Dick Kevin Dick Yes
Kevin Haley Kevin Haley Yes
Kevin Johnson Kevin Johnson Yes
Kevin McBeth Kevin McBeth Yes
King_Nuptup Andrew Thimm Yes
Kirk Wallingford Kirk Wallingford Yes
kjller Dan Dykstra Yes Yes
Knuckles Victor Lima Yes Yes
Kori Winstead Kori Winstead Yes
KR Keegan Robson Yes
Kye Riddell Kye Riddell Yes
Kyle Blair Kyle Blair Yes
L Shayne L Yes
Laércio Rodolfo Laércio Rodolfo Yes Yes
Lake Demon Blake Carroll Yes Yes
Lambby Liam Keegan Yes
Lanky007 Arun Matharoo Yes Yes
Lark Greg Larkin Yes Yes
Le Manchot Chris Bohl Yes Yes
Lec Philippe Leclerc Yes Yes
Ledwith Daniel Henry Yes Yes
Leonardo Santos Leonardo Santos Yes
Liviu Vicolianu Liviu Vicolianu Yes
livius Livius T Yes
loafofbread13 Sean Burden Yes
Logan Jordon Logan Jordon Yes
LouDog 004 Joe Weisshaar Yes Yes
Louie Louie M. Yes
Ludovic Girard Ludovic Girard Yes
Ludovic Stoecklin Ludovic Stoecklin Yes
Luke Pettit Luke Pettit Yes
Luke Taylor Luke Taylor Yes
Luke Winbanks Luke Winbanks Yes
LuminariusSun Nathaniel Bowles Yes
Lutz Salentin Lutz Salentin Yes
M.P. Farrier M.P. Farrier Yes
Mahrla Stefan Mahrla Yes Yes
Manocheese Lloyd Palmer Yes
Marc Bruton Marc Bruton Yes Yes
Marius Ancuta Marius Ancuta Yes
Marius Mollenhauer Marius Mollenhauer Yes
Mark Norton Mark Norton Yes
Mark Perkins Mark Perkins Yes
Mark Rayson Mark Rayson Yes
Mark Staley Mark Staley Yes
Marshmallow David Gibbons Yes Yes
Martijn Kool Martijn Kool Yes Yes
Martin Bauer Martin Bauer Yes
Martin Kendall Martin Kendall Yes
MasterGamer007 Michael Moore Yes Yes
Matt Hammonds Matt Hammonds Yes
Matt Joseph Matt Joseph Yes
Matt Leto Matt Leto Yes Yes
Matt Levet Matt Levet Yes
Matt Orman Matt Orman Yes
Matthew Barker Matthew Barker Yes
Matthew Burden Matthew Burden Yes
Matthew Kazuk Matthew Kazuk Yes
Matthew Williams Matthew Williams Yes
Matthijs Matthijs ten Ham Yes Yes
Matthijs Triep Matthijs Triep Yes Yes
meka Miikka P Yes
Mellis Martin Mellstam Yes
Mg Mike Gaydeski Yes Yes
Michael Coe Michael Coe Yes Yes
Michael Gantt Michael Gantt Yes
Michael Ilioski Michael Ilioski Yes
Michael Jester Michael Jester Yes
Micky Wright Micky Wright Yes
Mika Tuomikari Mika Tuomikari Yes
Mike F. Mike F. Yes
Mike Martin Mike Martin Yes
Mike McKim Mike McKim Yes
Mikers Michael Dolejsi Yes Yes
Minion Procyk Minion Procyk Yes
Mitchell Mayger Mitchell Mayger Yes
Modest Beau Hutcheson Yes
modestyouse Bryan Youse Yes Yes
Moltov Kevin M Yes
Monopoli Kevin Marnell Yes
MouserScribe Michael K. Yes Yes
Mr. Food Aaron Schaffer Yes
Mukade Alexandre Billon Yes Yes
N Master Josh Lines Yes Yes
Napa Renato Viotto Garcia Yes Yes
Narigutita Diogo Azevedo Pinto Yes Yes
Nate LeBlanc Nate LeBlanc Yes
Nathan Stinson Nathan Stinson Yes
Neo Patrick Johannessen Yes Yes
Neo Dark Noel León Méndez Yes Yes
Ngamer Jon Barber Yes Yes
Nic Dorsey Nic Dorsey Yes
Nick Cerretti Nick Cerretti Yes
nickyschlobs Nick Schlobohm Yes Yes
NikeXTC Iacopo Sorce Yes Yes
Niklas Andersson Niklas Andersson Yes Yes
Nodjo Alexandre Gimenez Yes Yes
Nolan Baucom Nolan Baucom Yes
nolife9face Patrick Nolin Yes Yes
Ogran Aaron Morgan Yes Yes
Oh Jimmity Greg Whatmore Yes Yes
OHMSS Gregor Degenhart Yes Yes
Oliver Nicholls Oliver Nicholls Yes
Olivier Bastid Olivier Bastid Yes
oneNemesis Matt Hedding Yes Yes
orkneywill Will Orkney Yes
Oscar Pleininger Oscar Pleininger Yes
Otto Oksman Otto Oksman Yes Yes
P-Y Pier-Yves Lemire Yes Yes
P0NGISTE Nicolas Royet Yes
Panny Natacha Domingos Yes Yes
Paragon Morgan Main Yes Yes
ParagonX9 Ben Gorman Yes Yes
Pat Zalesky Patrick Zalesky Yes Yes
Patrick Laakso Patrick Laakso Yes
Patrick Wessels Patrick Wessels Yes
Paul Macfarlan Paul Macfarlan Yes
PD James Tyler Hankins Yes Yes
Pear-Manual Ross Knee Pear-Manual Ross Knee Yes
PerfectDarklich Dirk Olson Yes Yes
Perfectjoe Geoffrey Mercier Yes Yes
Pernicious P Josh Fronkner Yes Yes
Pete Lobsczowski Pete Lobsczowski Yes
Peter Bezgoubov Peter Bezgoubov Yes
Peter Michael Peter Michael Yes Yes
Peter Osterland Peter Osterland Yes
Petter Åkeson Petter Åkeson Yes
Phil McCanna Phil McCanna Yes
Philip Bezgoubov Philip Bezgoubov Yes
Philip Newman Philip Newman Yes
Philip Renshaw Philip Renshaw Yes
pierrethekiller Pierre Barthod Yes Yes
PiggyBankLies Daniel Jamieson Yes
polarjet Justin Carter Yes
Psycho Graham Morris Yes Yes
PunJab Scott Berger Yes Yes
puppetmaster Victor Haugan Yes
QoiZ Jason Reines Yes Yes
Quiet Bol Josh Lay Yes Yes
Quirky David Veach Yes Yes
QuiZNo Stefano Amodei Yes
Qweczol Taylor von Paris Yes
Rafael Lanfredi Rafael Lanfredi Yes
Raul Saavedra Raul Saavedra Yes
Rayan Isran Rayan Isran Yes Yes
rdjohnson Robert Johnson Yes Yes
Red Bull Max Bout Yes Yes
Renemesis Tyler Probert Yes Yes
Rich Noe Rich Noe Yes
Richard Bownes Richard Bownes Yes Yes
Richard Kerr Richard Kerr Yes
Richard Vallon Richard Vallon Yes
Rick van Stralen Rick van Stralen Yes Yes
Ringwraith7 Jason Summer Yes Yes
Rob Cunning Rob Cunning Yes
Rob Milford Rob Milford Yes
Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Yes
Robert Rune Robert Rune Yes
Robert Shepherd Robert Shepherd Yes Yes
Robin Chauve Robin Chauve Yes
Robin Montaron Robin Montaron Yes
Rocco Rotunno Rocco Rotunno Yes
Rochus Neeleman Rochus Neeleman Yes
Role Model Brandon Sanford Yes Yes
Rolland Gary Harland Yes Yes
Ronan Berthelot Ronan Berthelot Yes
Ross Hollopeter Ross Hollopeter Yes
Rudie John Potter Yes Yes
RWhiteGoose Ryan White Yes Yes
Ryan Barnhart Ryan Barnhart Yes
Ryan Honkonen Ryan Honkonen Yes Yes
Ryan Lockwood Ryan Lockwood Yes
Ryan Strom Ryan Strom Yes
Ryan Woodward Ryan Woodward Yes
Sadrunslive Sadruns Live Yes
Sakuya Sakuya A Yes Yes
Sam Querbes Sam Querbes Yes
SamSim Sam Hughes Yes Yes
samuelf Samuel Fine Yes
Sander Straat Sander Straat Yes
saturnlovesyou John Aceti Yes
Schradeov Taylor Gwinner Yes
Scott Lowe Scott Lowe Yes
Sébastien Holmière Sébastien Holmière Yes
SgtRaven Dan Edeen Yes Yes
Shade Jean-François Dubreuil Yes Yes
ShadowZero Jim Söderlund Yes Yes
Shane Garner Shane Garner Yes
Shawn Johnson Shawn Johnson Yes
Shibbypod Aaron Enszer Yes Yes
siikriitii Chris M Yes
Silent Thunder Tim Dubovsky Yes Yes
silver angel Quentin Meunier Yes Yes
Sim Threat Karl Jobst Yes Yes
Simon Sternis Simon Sternis Yes
Simon Wollstadt Simon Wollstadt Yes
simplebutperfect Steven Rhodes Yes Yes
Sinan Sinan Arslan Yes Yes
SirMagneto Kyle Guthrie Yes
Sivea Alexander Groeneveld Yes Yes
Skedar Slayer James Howard Yes Yes
Skitch Jared Dorothy Yes Yes
Slayer Michael Burden Yes Yes
Slim Shady Kyle Erickson Yes
Snowblind Josh Heuer Yes Yes
Softman25 Frank Black Yes Yes
Soo Reams Soo Reams Yes
Spagooda John Horton Yes
Spec João Andrade Yes Yes
speedruntrainer Nick Rotmeyer Yes Yes
Spencer Bullas Spencer Bullas Yes
SpLiT Nick Franks Yes
Squish92 Alex Haitz Yes
Stefan Glosby Stefan Glosby Yes Yes
Sterling Neblett Sterling Neblett Yes Yes
Steve Rosborough Steve Rosborough Yes
Steven Demovic Steven Demovic Yes
Steven Zwartjes Steven Zwartjes Yes Yes
Stoxenbawns Eric B. Yes
Sucram Marcus Dolejsi Yes Yes
SupaOdin Glen Stevens Yes Yes
Superdams Damien Soutif Yes Yes
SuperSmash Luke Slot Yes
Suprioten Adrian Axelsson Yes
Swiss Dan Parker Yes
Swompz Brian Dupont Yes
Taka Takahiro Arai Yes Yes
Taylor Fankhauser Taylor Fankhauser Yes
TaylorTotFTW Taylor Victoria Yes
TBR Brad Morgan Yes Yes
Terry Davies Terry Davies Yes
Terry Xia Terry Xia Yes
The Listener Canon Alex Hernandez Yes
The Regulator Eric Pince Yes Yes
The Shadow Logan West Yes Yes
The Specialist Marc Robert Yes Yes
The_Juicy_Moose Michael Gill Yes
Thi Muffin Andy Knack Yes Yes
Thiago Trujillo Thiago Trujillo Yes Yes
Thiradell Paul Shepard Yes Yes
Tim Greneby Tim Greneby Yes
Tim Klebetz Tim Klebetz Yes
Tim Pearce Tim Pearce Yes
Tipsyplum Jon T Yes
to1 Thomas Bazin Yes Yes
TobiasSC Tobias Linde Yes Yes
Tom B. Tom B. Yes
Tom Doherty Tom Doherty Yes
tomsterlicious Thomas Finney Yes
Trac3r Jonathan Rydström Yes Yes
Trank Blake Brown Yes
TreAKAHotdog Trent H. Yes Yes
Trevor R Trevor R Yes
Tristan Haines Tristan Haines Yes
TroubleClef92 Alec McDonald Yes Yes
TUSR Alex Ferguson Yes
Ultimate G Gavin Thiedeman Yes Yes
Ultimate M Michael Rickers Yes Yes
Valentin008 Ruokai Chen Yes Yes
Various Varieties Nick Rollins Yes Yes
vgsbrandon Brandon Johnson Yes
voldencg Rob Volden Yes
Vulpex Andrew Kent Yes Yes
Wabs Fabien Malaval Yes Yes
wann Niek Chaplin Yes Yes
Wes007 Wes McKinney Yes Yes
Wheatrich Brent Wingert Yes Yes
Wilhelm Krona Wilhelm Krona Yes
William Lacey William Lacey Yes
wishiwasfamous Thomas Andrews Yes Yes
Wodahs-Reklaw Daniel Coelho Yes
Wololo101 William Slingsby Yes
Wouter Jansen Wouter Jansen Yes Yes
xav217 Xavier Arcourt Yes Yes
xcavant Tyler Jones Yes
Xerxes Marc Katz Yes
Xturnal Jason Cerella Yes Yes
xXDarkLightXx Steve Foy Yes Yes
Yako Matthew Yakobina Yes Yes
Yawmus Peter Jacobsen Yes
Yoshifan Stephen Chan Yes Yes
You Fail3d Nick Michels Yes
Your Eliteness Ryan Dwyer Yes Yes
Zach Scholl Zach Scholl Yes
zandarin Shawn Jones Yes
ZAZKEN Artur Domingos Yes Yes
Zero123 Devon Barnette Yes Yes
Zezinho José Tavares Yes Yes
Øyvind Persvik Øyvind Persvik Yes
♡ Madoka ♡ Madoka Kaname Yes Yes